My story through culture!

Hi i'm Miranda and this project is about me. I have a very big family, i love acting, i love mac and cheese, i don't like school and i speak piglatin! This project will elaborate on those few things about me. Im in 9th grade and i hope you enjoy my story!


In 7th grade me and all my friends had a bunch of code names for the guys we liked. Also my family and I speak piglatin just for fun so if my friends are over my mom will yell at me in piglatin so she doesn't embarrass me as much

Food and Shelter

I live in a nice house with a pool at my dads and a nice house with an awesome backyard at my moms! i love chocolate ice cream and macaroni.

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i go to lake Travis high school and i'm in all regular and one pre ap class. i really don't like school that much cause i hate the homework, but I'm good at math! I think I'm gonna go to Texas state but i'm not sure

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i love my family so much and i have a very good relationship with all of my family members. i have two sisters who are twins, a future step sister, a future step brother who's in my grade, a little brother, my future step mom and my parents! i have the best relationship with my two older sisters. And my dad is about to get married to a lady named Tracy and she is super nice

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Creative Expression and Reacreation

i want to be an actress when i grow up in TV shows or movies. My mom, sisters, and I can all sing but i'm not very good so i don't sing in front of anyone. And i cannot dance at all! I do swim in the summer but that's the only sporty thing i do.

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