Counselor Connection

April 2016 Volume 1, Issue 7

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Helping Counseling and Guidance Programs Become Future Ready

In the year 2016, how can counselors use technology to expand their student reach while being more efficient with their time? The Future Ready movement is in full swing of launching its first set of student Chromebooks. What used to be a barrier, will no longer be one as we get closer to becoming 1:1. How can counselors capitalize on this great investment to improve programming and make them more engaging and relevant for students?

School district Innovation Strategists are a great resource to help you rethink your current counseling program. In a presentation to high school counselors back in March, Innovation Strategist Cat Nostrand, shared Google Classroom as a great resource to store lessons and interact with students. Google Classroom allows you to post videos, assignments, and announcements in a centralized location while allowing you to monitor student activity. Cat also presented a video hosting site that interfaces with Google Classroom, called EDpuzzle. This is an easy way to present videos to students while allowing you to edit and make it interactive as well.

As the high school looks for new ways to interact with students, middle school counselors are finding new ways to interact and collaborate as colleagues. With the support and guidance of Tom Polzin of Highland Park, a middle level counselors Yammer group was created where counselors can post information, share ideas, and collaborate in a virtual setting.

Our elementary colleagues also exemplify innovation with their use of TeacherSource as a place to store and share lesson plans. With just over three hundred lessons posted, the second most overall, there are a wealth of activities out there ranging from careers to kindness and everything in between.

Innovation is happening throughout the district and there is great knowledge amongst counselors. Innovation Strategists are available to consult and collaborate with you as a group or individually. Also, if you have a great resource you would like to share with your colleagues, email Vilay Greene today.

Let's Meet: Jacy Jukkula

Jacy Jukkula, counselor at Southridge High School, is one of many new hires to the BSD counseling community this year. Jacy attended the University of Missouri--Kansas City for her undergraduate and Lewis & Clark College for graduate school. Throughout her career, she has worked in both the Hillsboro and Camas School Districts. Prior to coming to Beaverton, Jacy was at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro since 2004, working not only as a full-time counselor but also head softball coach, even leading her team to a state championship in 2010! Education and sports are definitely central themes in the Jukkula household as Jacy's husband is also a teacher and assistant basketball coach in Tualatin.

Now in her fourteenth year of counseling, Jacy joins the team at Southridge and is thoroughly enjoying her time getting to know the SRHS community. She is most proud of the new parent/community volunteer program at Southridge where volunteers work one-on-one with students to help them with their post high school plans.

What motivates Jacy to do the work she does is her love of kids and seeing them develop into bright young adults. She believes in the power of relationships and is honored to help students find their way through high school and beyond. Jacy also enjoys the camaraderie with her fellow counselors and staff at Southridge as they have made her feel very welcomed this year.

Thank you Jacy for believing in our students and helping them reach their goals. You are a wonderful addition to the BSD!

Restorative Justice Focus Group

Tuesday, April 12th, 4-5:30pm

Central Office Portable 5 Conference Room

This paid focus group is a time to collaborate and network with other educators implementing restorative practices in their school.

Register on TeacherSource.

Tall Cop Says Stop

Wednesday, May 11th, 7pm

13840 Northwest Cornell Road

Portland, OR

Join Sunset High School as they host Officer Jermaine Galloway for this compelling educational event about current drug trends and more!