Lucky: The True Cerebral

Waiting For Godot

Social Constructs -

Economics - Lucky is stuck in economic disparity, which you see in his clothes and face as seen in the play he looks old, weathered and dirty. We can gather this from the play in which it said, he looked tired and worn. In the screenplay his clothes appeared more ragged and worn than the others.

Religion - You can see a tie between religion and lucky in his speech, which he repeats phrases such as "for reasons unknown" and "time will tell". Which are known throughout the bible to be said in foreshadowing events. Which leads you to believe lucky could be a profit of sorts to these men.

Education - We see this in lucky's speech where he conveys his adept knowledge and intellect, how is it that a man how such knowledge could be the "servant". Lucky sounds both authoritative and intelligent, but his words seem to lack any actual meaning underneath.

Time -In this play lucky is thought to be trapped as a slave at first, in the the place of his brother. In actuality, Lucky is waiting to die, this is shown through his dance "The Net" which symbolize his waiting to die, but being caught in life, hence the name of his dance "The Net"

"For reasons unknown.."

Short Character Summary

Lucky plays a key role in understanding "Waiting for Godot" in its entirety. As seen not only in his speech, but in how he differs from the other characters. He has no responsibilities or worries, he does not have to care for himself. This is a "Lucky" man indeed no?

~Character Traits~