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Merry Christmas!

Hi ladies! I hope this newsletter finds each of you and your families doing well. I'm excited for our team, we had such a great month in November... details will follow below:) I hope all of you are keeping your excitement about how far you can go with Origami Owl and how you can tailor it to fit your goals. I'd love to hear from each of you about what your goals are with Origami Owl. It will help me to be able to mentor you better.

My plans for my business this month is I'd love to add a new team member and I'm trying to plan my Christmas sales. I'm wanting to close my own party this weekend so I can get those items in and packaged pretty in time for my customers to have those Christmas gifts. I want to be able to use my rewards from this party to get some extra inventory to have on hand for those last minute customers who will need Christmas gifts. Please feel free to share any great ideas that you are implementing in your business.

Don't you just love the new bracelets and holiday charms?

November News

We blew our October PV of $3,860.09 out the roof!!! Our team PV for November was $5,382.35!!!! You ladies are sensational! I can't wait to see what November holds for our team. Congratulations to Lauren Beck for growing her team! I will list the top 3 in PV for the month of November.
Joy Dicks $2,435.95
Lauren Beck $1,524.70
Jamie Bolton $851.30

Congrats to each one of you!

Welcome to our new team member!

Jennifer Gilley

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Ladies, I'm here for you and just a phone call, text or FB message away - email as well, but probably not as fast;) I love you ladies and want to support you in your business!