GHES Updates

October 9, 2020

Parent Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures 2020

GHES Transportation (PLEASE READ...this is a change.)

Drop-off/ Pick-up Information

The information below is intended for ALL to read even if your child’s primary transportation will be a bus or daycare van, please read the information below for the drop-off and pick-up procedures. Transportation changes may occur throughout the year; and we would like to be prepared.

Morning Drop-off

  • Cars enter the school property via Beaver Bridge Road, proceed around to the back of the building. Cars stay single file and wait to unload.

  • Cars begin unloading at 8:10. Students will remain in their car until a staff member is present. Staff members are NOT permitted to open any car doors. Children should always unload on the right side of the car.

  • The designated unloading area is between the signs. 8-10 cars will be unloaded at a time. Students should be ready to unload when their car stops.

  • Students will enter the building using the closest door (6,7, or 8).

  • Several cars will unload at a time. If multiple cars are moving up, continue the flow of one way traffic moving toward the Hull Street exit. Please yield to the buses and do not block the buses from entering and exiting the bus loop. THIS IS A NO PASSING ZONE; and we highly encourage you to turn right onto Hull Street Road.

  • Our instructional day begins at 8:30. If there aren’t any staff members around back when you pull up after must pull around to the office and escort your child into the building. They will be marked with a tardy.

Afternoon Pick-up...THIS IS A CHANGE ~ not in the CAFETERIA!!!

  • Dismissal is at 3:00 (12:00 for early release days).

  • Cars enter the school property via Beaver Bridge Road, circle around to the back of the building to park. Use the back roadway of the school to park in single file to the right. The back lot to the left of the ballfield is also available. DO NOT park in the school parking lot by the front doors. This entrance is reserved for emergencies only.

  • Parents/authorized adults are not permitted in the building at this time. Due to county policy and the insurance of the safety of our students, everyone must show their ID every time they pick up a student. Bring your own pen and sign out your child outside of door #5 (door with stairs across from the concession stand)..

  • Students will be gathered and will exit door #5 to meet the adult waiting outside.

  • Please distancing and masks are a MUST!

Transportation changes

  • Please provide a note to the teacher the morning of the transportation change. If an emergency arises, please make this change by calling the office at 739-6265 before 2:30. (Please note, teachers are not always able to check their emails prior to dismissal)

*We've included a video to provide all parents and students with a visual of our parent-drop off and parent pick-up procedures effective October 12, 2020.*