January 2016 Success Report

The Charming Dotties

Look at all that you achieved!

Fun Stats about January

We added 26 new stylists!!! #epic
We actually set a goal to increase our team sponsoring year over year by 25% and we completely blew that out of the water, growing by 44% more than we did last January!!


JANUARY 2016 Combined Team Sales

As a TEAM we sold.... $87,010
Which is a 32% increase from last January! WOW!!!!

Our team goal is to continue to stay over $120,000 in team sales in a month so this is moving in the right direction!

If you sold one pair of earrings, had a trunk show or 4 trunk shows, or beat your best in sales... you were a part of that!!!
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Congratulations to our Newest STAR Stylists!

Look who promoted to LEAD Stylist!

Jenna Skellie of Verona, PA
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WHOHOOO!!! Shine bright you rockstars who earned your Parker Sunnies!!!

Vicky Byrd

Paige Morris

Debbie Cusiak

Jillian Robinson

Lisa Raubolt
Amelia Srugis
Leigh Anne Mixon
Elyssa Sardy
Gillian Mathews
Jodi Markwood
Anne Stevens
Amy Rubenstein
Sabina Urdes
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Top 10 in Sales for JANUARY 2016

Victoria Byrd $7,477.10

Anne Stevens $4,600.11

Gillian Mathews $3,241.86

Elyssa Sardy $3,210.68

Paige Morris $3,200.58

Kristy Jones $3,183.85

deborah cusick $2,638.40

Lisa Raubolt $2,430.70

Amelia Srugis $2,399.90

Jillian Robinson $2,303.10

Who gave themselves a Comission BOOST! **NOTE THIS CHANGED in the Comp Plan to $2500 as of Jan 2016*

These ladies gave themselves a Pay bump! By selling over $2500, their commission bumped up to 30%!!!!

Victoria Byrd

Anne Stevens

Gillian Mathews

Elyssa Sardy

Paige Morris

Kristy Jones

deborah cusick

Want to earn even more Income & Rewards?! Here's How!

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Welcome to our newest Stylists and congrats to their Sponsors!!!

A very warm welcome to....

Lindsay Tebout of Grandville MI (Sponsor: Amelia Srugis)

Jennifer Ramundo of Park Ridge IL (Sponsor: Amanda Byrne

Nicole Lanier of Pascagoula MS (Sponsor: Victoria Byr)

Kathryn Duffey of Clarkston MI (Sponsor: Heather Jone)

Hannah Strok of Lynnwood WA (Sponsor: Emily Rodenbeck)

Miranda Rochol of Mount Pleasant WI (Sponsor: Gillian Mathews

Ashley Voticky of Chicago IL (Sponsor: Gillian Mathews

Alyssa Spisak of Apollo PA (Sponsor: Jenna Skellie

Brittaniq Robinson of Redford MI (Sponsor: Elyssa Sardy)

Allison Malone of Berkley MI (Sponsor: Gabrielle Bratic

Emily Garrity of Wheaton IL (Sponsor: Meghann VanderBaan

Lauren Mann of Grosse Pointe Park MI (Sponsor: Taylor Trax)

Abbe Feder of Los Angeles CA (Sponsor: Marni Smith

Holly Geyer of Bloomfield Hills MI (Sponsor: Kelli Robinson

Taylor Trax of Warren MI (Sponsor: Gabrielle Bratic

Mary Secrest of Detroit MI (Sponsor: Kelli Robinson

Emily Driggers of Pembroke Pines FL (Sponsor: Marianne Diels

Melissa Mashner of Ann Arbor MI (Sponsor: Amy Porter)

Claudia Landeros de Heller of Clinton Township MI Kathleen Wolney

Emily Farrell of Glenview IL (Sponsor: Gillian Mathews

Karin Weston of Puyallup WA (Sponsor: Ashley O'Toole

Kristen Sinopoli of Lower Burrell PA (Sponsor: Jenna Skellie

Linda Schmulbach of Millstadt IL (Sponsor: Jackie Bellm

Valerie Alexander of Fairview Heights IL (Sponsor: Jackie Bellm

KATHY CARTER of Trussville AL (Sponsor: Paige Morris

Kayla Weiner of Woodbridge VA (Sponsor: Ashley O'Toole

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The Following stylists were Qualified -Sold $500+ retail (325 PQV)

Victoria Byrd

Amanda Byrne

Amelia Srugis

Amy Rubenstein Rubenstein

Anne Stevens

Ashley O'Toole

Brandi Lawrey

Ceri Danziger

Dana Heimann

deborah cusick

Elizabeth Bernhard

Elyssa Sardy

Erika slusher

Gabrielle Bratic

Gillian Mathews

Heather Feeney

Heather Jones

Jackie Bellm

Jacquelyn Kallam

Jenna Skellie

Jenny Conley

Jessica Kubiak

Jillian Robinson

Joanna Collins

Jodi Markwood

Julie Loggins

Kathleen Wolney

Kelli Robinson

Kelly Miller

Kenzie Wilkey

kim hardin

Kristen Sinopoli

Kristy Jones

Leigh Anne Mixon

Lisa Raubolt

Marianne Diels

Marissa Wolfe

Marni Smith

meghan heuring

Meghan Stegemann

Meghann VanderBaan

Nancy Voticky

Paige Morris

Patricia Brennan

Quinn Mullin

Sabina Urdes

Sabrina Kaufman

Sara Van Scyoc

Sue O'Callaghan

Taylor Trax

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The Following stylists sponsored!!

Congratulations to the following stylists who brought new Stylist in our amazing team!!

Amanda Byrne -1

Amelia Srugis -1

Amy Porter -1 (1st time Sponsor!)

Heather Jones -1

Kathleen Wolney- 1

Marianne Diels -1

Marni Smith -1

Meghann VanderBaan -1

Paige Morris -1

Taylor Trax -1 (1st time Sponsor!)

Victoria Byrd- 1

Elyssa Sardy -1 (1st time Sponsor!)

Emily Rodenbeck -1 (1st time Sponsor!)

Ashley O'Toole -2

Gabrielle Bratic- 2

Jackie Bellm -2

Jenna Skellie -2
Kelli Robinson -2

Gillian Mathews - 3

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These stylists had new qualified stylists this month!!

Gillian Mathews- 1

Gabby Bratic- 1
Jenna Skellie - 1

You want to learn how to earn a boatload of free jewelry this season... Here's How!

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Local Stylist Meet-ups

Feb. 16th in Chicago (NW Burbs)

Pittsburgh is confirming- info coming!

Detroit TUESDAY, March 1st at the Bird and the Bread in Birmingham!

Check out a local meet-up near you!
It's in the website under "Be a stylist" or via this link: http://www.stelladot.com/stylist or here: http://eventbritepages.com/discover/stelladot
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Hoopla Registration is OPEN

Have you registered for hoopla yet?!? I'm so excited to celebrate with all of you in July! Register by 2/12 to receive an extra $50 in product credit for summer samples! AND there's an option to only pay 1/2 now and 1/2 by June 30th - could they have made it more budget friendly?! See you there!
FAQ in the Lounge (first page, bottom right corner)

Register HERE now! We are hoping to have at least 35 of us there!


Thanks to everyone who came out for our Team Retreat Sleepever in Detroit!

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Kelli Robinson

Senior Director & Founding Leader
The Charming Dotties Stylist Team
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