Digital Signals vs Analog Signals

Who is better?

Analog Signals

Analog signals are signals that are waves that very in signal frequency and how strong the signal might be. An example is when you talk into a phone our voices are transmitted by radio waves which are analog signals. Our voices are always varying in strength and sound therefor they are not the same all the time. This means that Analog signals very in quality or how well they are seen or herd. Some people that use this type of signal on a daily basis is people who talk to people or hear natural sounds at their job.

Digital Signals

Digitized Signals are electronic signals that are converted to patterns of bits. A series of bits is determined by a computer easily because it has two states on (1) or off (0). An example is when a cell phone converts your voice from analog to digital and then is sent to a cell phone tower which is sent to a satellite. The analog signal is changed because it is easy for the computers to transfer the digital signal. Many people who use this signal on a daily basis is computer techs and people who work on computers.
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Which is better?

Digital is seen as better because it is more reliable and has the same strength all the time. Analog is not the best because it can be scattering and not as reliable as digital signals. Many people use digital signals because it is easy for computer translations and for graphing results. Digital signals are also used where people need to communicate things by commuter or when they need very reliable service. Analog signals are used where people communicate face to face or where people hear natural sounds in daily life.

Using digital and analog signals in daily life

Telephones need both Analog and Digital signals and are used by many people is their day to day lives. Analog signals are used by when you talk into the cell phone but can sometimes be unclear and not heard. Digital signals are also used when the cell phone has changed the analog signals to digital signals then the digital signals are sent to towers and satellites so the person on the other end can hear what you say.
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