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If you’re going to create a website for a client that’s going to provide counseling to patients, make sure that you know what the market is. The website of any professional service will depend on the market itself. Once you use this very important tip, you will be able to know not just the looks of your client’s website, but also the pages that you want for the visitors to visit. It’s like you’re going to provide a piece of knowledge from the therapist in the form of their own website, which is done by you.

Therapist Websites

So if you want to learn what a quality therapist website design has, make sure that you also learn the following pages that it must have:

Services Page

Since the therapist website is going to focus on the services that it offers, the website must have a page containing the list of services that they can offer. Provide a table which will serve as the matrices of payments that the patient can do once they subscribe to the services of the therapist for consultation.

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To provide more help for the patients, the therapist must also be allowed to provide details about different news in psychology, as well as some ideas and opinions on how to cope up with psychological issues. That’s why a page solely for providing blogs must also be present in the website.


There should be an “About Us” page within the website as well. This section will discuss about the history of the clinic, as well as other things that the owner and the therapists want to share. This is where details about the therapists will be shown for the patients to learn more about them.

Contacts Page

Lastly, a means to contact the therapists must be present in the website. It must be a space for their phoen numbers, emails and other pages where patients can reach them out.

With the following web pages, rest assured that you can guarantee utmost help not as a therapist, but as a web designer willing to help out these professionals in terms of medical attention through counseling.