Psychology Approach Bingo!

Coming to a Psychology class soon!

These 4 special Bingo events are coming soon!

To help you understand each of the 4 approaches in Psychology, there will be a game of Bingo played at the end of each Approach session (or the session after). Win prizes!

Psychology Bingo!

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013 at 12:45pm

Henderson Road

Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire

Four events, dates and times approximate. Listen, study and win a prized prize!

The Approaches are:

  • Psychoanalytic
  • Behaviourist
  • Cognitive
  • Biological

Find out about these here.

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...and finally - The Biological Approach

How evolution has shaped how we think and feel, as well as how we look. And, about the link between the body and the mind.