By Angelina Gentry

Designing a Planet

Sun: Red Dwarf

Orbit: 0.4

Planet's mass 2.5

Volcanoes: yes

Plate movement: no

Liquid water: yes

Producers: yes

Axial Tilt of Planet and the Impact on Seasons

Because my planet's axial tilt is like Earth, it has seasons. Seasons are caused by the tilt of the plant. When the Northern Hemisphere is pointed towards the Sun, it is summer there and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

Anything that goes "MOO" lives here

We go Moooooooo

Number of moons, Orbit, and Impact on tides

Moo has 1 moon like Earth, but its orbit is 0.4. Since its orbit is close to the Sun, it is warmer than other planets. The moon has an impact on tides because of the gravitational pull. The gravitational pull of the Moon cause the water to have low and high tides.

The Mass, and its Impact on Gravity

The mass of my planet is 2.5. The impact it has on gravity is that if a planet doesn't have enough mass, it can not hold gravity.