Ilan Rmon

Ilan Ramon was born on 21\6\1954 in ramat gan

On 1 February 2003, Ilan Ramon was killed with six members of the team, when the shuttle broke up, when she returned to the Earth's atmosphere.

Ilan Ramon did not live today, but his family lived in ramat gan.

- לא התקבל תרגום -

In 1998, Ilan and his family moved in-training for astronauts in the United States.

On 16 January 2003 ilan traveled into space to study the effect of dust storms over the Middle East.

Ilan Ramon took with him on a journey through space objects such as the Israeli flag, a Bible and a small number of Mezuzah.

Ilan Ramon was flying with another 6 staff members and the journey takes about two weeks