The Harrahill Herald

Mrs. Harrahill's News for May 2nd-6th, 2016

Anderson Grove's Purpose & Direction

Purpose: The purpose of Anderson Grove Elementary is to prepare all students to achieve their greatest potential and to positively impact the future.

Direction: In collaboration with families and community, our direction is to support and prepare all students for success through high expectations and individualized learning in a safe and positive environment.

Values & Beliefs:

Family Atmosphere

Collaboration and Communication


Continuous Improvement

3 Be’s – Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Anderson Grove's "Be Known"

Anderson Grove is Known for Being a. . .





School-Wide Social Skill: Listening

  1. Look at the person who is talking and remain quiet.
  2. Wait until the person is through talking before you speak.
  3. Show that you heard the person by nodding your head, saying, "Okay," "That's interesting," etc.

School-Wide Expectations: Hallway

Be Safe

  • Single file line

  • Hands, feet, and objects to self

  • Face forward

Be Respectful

  • Voices off

  • Walk up the stairs and down the ramp

Be Responsible

  • Go directly to your destination

Notes from the Editor

  • It's CARNIVAL TIME! Don't forget to stop by the AG carnival next Friday, May 6th! There will be games, food, and a great deal of FUN! Ticket pre-sale forms came home with oldest/only kids this past Wednesday. For interested families, they're due back to school on Wednesday, May 4th. Thank you for supporting students, staff, and PTO!

  • Homework: There will NOT be an assignment coming home this week. Any other assignments that come home are for individual students that did not complete the assignment(s) during given class time.

  • Multiplication Practice: Students should practice their multiplication facts for 10-15 minutes everyday. When finished, please sign the practice log found in your child's folder. (These are returned every Friday morning for the remainder of the year. Student folders should stay in backpacks when not being used so kids can practice and receive updates at school.) Besides activities found in your child's folder, be sure to check out fact fluency apps on your smart devices or to have your student practice on websites like these:
    Softschools - Check out "Multiplication Games for 3rd Grade" in the left column
    Math Madness - Basketball shooting/free throw contest with multiplication facts.
    Math IXL - Checkout skill builders and fact fluency activities in the bottom left column.
    Multiplication.Com - Lots of fun games to test fact fluency
    Math Blaster

Unity Council News by Miss Johnson

Last Chance for Lollipops!!

Unity Council will be selling lollipops one last time this year on Wednesday, May 4th and again on Thursday, May 5th. We will be selling in the morning both days, as long as we are not sold out. Each lollipop is $1 and a portion of our earnings will go to the Ronald McDonald House. Please consider helping us support this organization by purchasing some yummy lollipops! Thanks so much!

Library News by Mrs. von Nagy

All Library Books Due By Friday, May 20th!

The last day for student checkout this year is Friday, May 13th. The last day to turn in all library materials for the year is Friday, May 20th. Be on the lookout for overdue notices, which will be sent out weekly in May. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. von Nagy at

Language 101 with Mrs. Wilson, Speech-Language Pathologist

Figurative Language Fun with Mrs. Wilson

At Anderson Grove, students are exposed to a variety of figurative language terms. Figurative language, also known as literary devices are found in daily reading as well as reading comprehension CSAs. These terms also help to make our writing more interesting! Check to see if your child knows what the term idiom means. An idiom is an expression of language that doesn’t really mean what it says. For example, “It is raining cats and dogs” really means that it is raining very hard or “she has a heart of gold” really means that she is very nice. See if you and your child can think of any other idioms? You can also find many idioms on various internet sites!

Local Listings

May 3 - PTO Meeting @ 6:30 p.m. in the Library
May 6 - PTO Carnival @ 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
May 9 - “Bump Up Afternoon” @ 2:20 to 3:00 - Students visit next year's grade level teachers
May 13 - Last day for students to checkout library books
May 20 - ALL library books due back
May 24 - K-2 Talent Show @ 9:45
May 25 - 3-6 Talent Show @ 1:30
May 25 - Report Cards go home in Friday Folders
May 26 - Last Day of School - 11:40 a.m. dismissal

Specials Schedule

Monday (Day 7) - P.E.
Tuesday (Day 8) - Music
Wednesday (Day 9) - Art
Thursday (Day 10) - P.E.
Friday (Day 1) - Music & Library Checkout

Current Events

**Note: Our students are part of a group helping to pilot new reading, writing, and spelling programs. We will be using a comprehensive reading, writing, and spelling program called JOURNEYS from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.**


In School: Readers will revisit the comprehension strategy of visualize to support their understanding of the texts they read. They'll use the skills of compare and contrast text structures and important details of two texts. Readers will also pay close attention to how the author's word choice creates vivid descriptions, which helps visualize the information they read.

At Home: Try practicing these skills and this strategy with your child! Find evidence in a text you read together where the author used vivid descriptions or strong word choice to help you create a picture in your mind. Want to be creative? Afterward, have each of you sketch/draw a detailed picture of what you just read. See if your images are similar or different!


In School: Writers continue to build their understanding of what makes for a strong fiction writer. They'll learn about using elaboration to write descriptive pieces, using literary devices like similes to compare two different things using like or as.

At Home: While reading with your child, take a moment to discuss the author's use of descriptions throughout the text to help readers visualize the story. Can you find descriptions that make it super easy to picture the scene or a character's actions in your head?


In School: Mathematicians will continue working with 3- and 4-digit numbers as they solve addition and subtraction problems using estimation.


In School: Scientists will wrap up their learning about light energy and study sound energy. Vocab: sound, vibrate, wave, light source, rays, mirrors, reflect, appearance, colored light, white light, shadows, absorb, transparent, translucent, opaque.

At Home: Checkout these great Magic School Bus videos about sound and light energy! (Disclaimer: these are via YouTube)
In a Haunted House (sound energy)
Gets a Bright Idea (light)
Makes a Rainbow (color)


In School: Spellers will study VCCV (V = vowel, C = consonant) patterns found within the first syllable of words.