Middle Ages

By: Angelique, Luke, and Lorena

10 Reasons Why We Should Not Go back To The Past

1. There were many deadly diseases back in the middle ages. Doctors weren't as good back then as they are now. Medicine was only for kings, queens and nobles.

Trash in the street

2. It would be super disgusting because they would dump all of their trash into rivers and on the streets. it would have probably been really smelly around where the peasants lived.
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3. Everything that peasants used was owned by the lord of the manor. If we travel back in time we would most likely be a peasants and that would be horrible because my houses would be made out of mud and stones. Everything that the peasants had belonged to, the Lord of the manor, their food, animals, clothes, and their land. If the peasants worked hard for their lords they could harvest their own land.
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Here are peasants working very hard, so they can harvest on their own land.


4. I would also hate to be a knight, having to show people my honor, strategy, bravery, and skills, just to earn respect. Also having to wear heavy armor, like a breastplate to protect their chest, a Barbette to protect their head there is also a strap under the chin so it doesn’t fall off. They also can kill anyone they want at anytime and anyplace, with a spear or battle ax (Flaring blade made by northern Europe, popular with vikings.

Kingdom being destroyed

5. If the kingdom that we stayed in got attacked (if we did), everyone would join the fight somehow, and everyone would be in pain. Then, after the war everyone would have to help build the walls back because of the slingshots and sword fighting. The entire city would be brought down and there would be many deaths.
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What was the cities & town like?

6. Cities were runned by kings. The towns were usually protected by tall, thick stones. There was a parish church in each neighborhood, if they wanted a saints help they would usually pray in front of a picture or statue. They would have cathedral schools teached by a priest to educate any future ones. Most houses were built by wood though some were built with brick or stone. The poorer people would rent rooms in a 4 story house, they would usually have there own business, in their own house.
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7. If there is to many people in the city (population) there would be no more room for them to live and if there was no more food a lot of people could die of no food or water.
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8. Was very hard if you had to get around by walking, or riding a horse, you could easily die say if a horse went crazy your car thing could flip and you could DIE!!!:(

What did Peasants and Merchants wear?

9.Peasants wore woolen and hemp cloth were made for clothes, All of their cloths were un-dyed.

Merchants (middle class) on the other hand, wore hand spun cloth of a better quality, the merchants would also dye their clothes with flowers and leaves.

Unlike today, now we have North Face jackets, Nike, skinny jeans, or tennis shoes.

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This is what peasants wore
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This is what Merchants wore

10. Communication

Peasants, Noble, and Knights

If anyone (besides Kings and Queens) wanted to talk to someone, and they were close enough to walk to, that person would walk. However if they weren't close enough to walk to them would ride a horse, or in a carriage. Instead of calling, or using face time, slowly they started to develop phones.

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