Eat Healthy, Live Happy

By Alison

In order to eat healthily, you need to avoid eating too much greasy food or sugary food. You can eat greasy and sugary food but before you need to evaluate how much exercise you will do, and depending on that, you will eat the right amount.

For example, if you do little exercise, you won't eat much greasy and sugary foods; buy if you do much exercise, you can eat more greasy and sugary foods. But if you eat lots of these types of food and you don't do much exercise, you don't live very healthily.

When you are thirsty, don't drink a soda or two. Drink water in order to avoid drinking calories and it is important to respiration .

You also need to eat lots of fruit and vegetables when you are hungry not chips or sweets so you have the right amount of protein and sugar.

Smoking or taking drugs isn't the right way to receive a healthy diet. Cigarettes have about 4,000 chemicals in them which 69 cause cancer. Drugs are also very unhealthy because they change the way your body functions. Illegal drugs can damage the heart, brain and many other important organs.