Homestead Library Learning Commons

Fall into a good book!

Orientation #2 sign up is available!

Most of the library resources are ready! Please sign up your class to come down and have their final orientation of materials and their locations, the new circulation system and the re-shelving process. Each class will have time to browse and sign out materials as long as they have their number and a bag (any bag).

November 3rd Peel Book Buying Day!

I will be purchasing NEW books for our LLC. If you know of any NEW books that you would like, please write them on the list by title, author and publisher. If there are any subjects or strands that you feel we are in need of please add them to the list as well.

Peel sets up this day as a trade show format where I visit publishers booths to browse and purchase NEW releases.

Homestead LLC!

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback please contact me. :-)

Teacher-led classroom book exchange

Monday November 9th, Day 3 will be our first day of teacher-led classroom book exchanges. Please sign up for two, twenty minute blocks in a ten day cycle (e.g. Day 1 @ 9:20am and Day 5 @ 1:20pm) that you will have for the school year. You and your class will check in, re-shelve and check out your own materials.