Irving Elementary

May 2021

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Structured Teaching from Mrs. Burton

Mrs. Burton uses structured teaching with her students each day. Below is information on this type of teaching in her classroom.

Structured Teaching is a system for organizing a child’s environment; developing appropriate activities and helping children understand what is expected of them.

Structured Teaching utilizes visual cues, which help children focus on relevant information, which at times can be difficult for the child to distinguish from irrelevant information.

Structured Teaching addresses challenging behaviors in a proactive manner by creating appropriate and meaningful environments that reduce the stress, anxiety and frustration, which may be experienced by special needs students. Challenging behaviors may occur due to:

*Language comprehension difficulties

*Expressive language difficulties

*Social relation difficulties

*Sensory processing difficulties

*Resistance to change

*Preference for familiar routines and consistency

*Organizational difficulties

*Difficulty attending to relevant stimuli


Structured teaching greatly increases a child’s independent functioning (without adult prompting or cueing) which will assist the child throughout their life.

A daily visual schedule is a critical component in a structured environment. The visual schedule tells the student what activities will occur and in what sequence.

Visual Schedules are important because:

*A visual schedule helps address the child’s sequential memory.

*A visual schedule helps with language comprehension problems.

*A visual schedule lessens anxiety levels thus reducing challenging behaviors.

*A visual schedule teaches independent transition skills-tells the student where to go next.

*A visual schedule may increase a student’s motivation to complete less desired activities.

News From the Learning Lab

I am so proud of the accomplishments that we have seen in the learning lab and in the classrooms this year! Hard work, consistency and motivation by students and staff makes everything possible! Designing a program that fits the student and working through the rough spots, changing the program when needed, dedication and buy in from staff and the student is what makes successes everyday!
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First Graders Receive Trees

First graders across the USD 465 district received trees in honor of Earth Day from the Winfield Recreation Center. This is a tradition in our district that has continued for the last 40 years! Phoebe Rapp is planting her tree with the help of her grandpa Charlie Bowker. Thank you so much to the recreation center for supplying these trees and helping teach our children about taking care of the Earth.
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Irving's Hog Raffle to Help Fund the Outdoor Learning Classroom

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KISS a Pig! Raffle

We wanted to share with you all how AMAZING our Irving students have been this week! In just 5 days, these students have mustered up $562 for our Kiss a Pig! contest. They are having SO MUCH FUN! EVERY vote counts! 0.25 cents=1 vote and you can get 5 votes for $1! Voting ends May 21st when one staff member WILL kiss a pig! If you would like to purchase votes to give to our students or you would like to vote personally for an Irving staff member, you can send your money with a note who you want to vote for or call the office and we can process your payment through Square. Thank you for supporting Irving Elementary Outdoor classroom!
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Fifth Graders Have a Visit From Mr. Hammer, Principal at WMS

Students in the fifth grade were excited to have a visit with Mr. Hammer, Principal at the Winfield Middle School. On a normal year students would travel to the WMS to tour the building with Mr. Hammer. This year he joined us at Irving to ease fifth graders minds about transitioning to the middle school and answering any questions they may have had. Students are excited about their next adventure in learning and becoming a WMS Viking!
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Recognizing Staff Members

This time of year is when we recognize staff members for their years of service to our district. At Irving we have several staff we would like to CONGRATULATE!

5 Years: Ms. Chattam, Ms. Brandi and Mr. Yates

15 Years: Ms. Pam and Mrs. Kadau

25 Years: Ms. Bonita

40 Years: Ms. Angie and Mr. Steve

Thank you for all you do at Irving Elementary!

Check Out the Winfield Public Library Summer Activities!

Download the flyer of information from Ms. Jo below. There will be all kind of fun activities provided by the Winfield Public Library!

Newell Rubbermaid Donates to Irving Outdoor Learning Classroom

Thank you to the Newell Rubbermaid Company for donating a new shed to our outdoor classroom. This will make a great storage space for all of our supplies!
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