MHS Bronco Bulletin

November 2021

Important Dates

11/22-11/26- Thanksgiving Break

12/1- Resource Day- NO SCHOOL

Canadian Valley Vo-Tech Applications

NOW is the time to apply for CV Tech for next school year. Click here for information on how to apply, deadlines, cost, and more. The application deadline is December 3rd.

Click here for information on CVTC's December Open House. Open House is a great opportunity to tour programs.

Graduating seniors who are interesting in applying will apply as adult learners. Click here for more information.

Test Exemptions

The policy regarding test exemptions has changed. Please be aware of the new policy regarding the upcoming semester tests:

Examinations will be given at the end of each semester. Any deviation from the scheduled testing dates must have the approval of the administration and teacher five (5) days in advance of the scheduled testing dates. Students may not test early.

Students may be exempt from two semester exams of their choice if they meet all the following criteria:

  1. Must have an A or B average in the class to be exempted.

  2. No suspensions (including ISI) or truancies in the current semester.

  3. Students cannot be exempt from the same tests in the fall semester and spring semester.

  4. Students must apply for exemption one week prior to finals.

Students enrolled in an AP class can earn exemptions for each AP course if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Registered for/take the AP exam for the class

  2. Have a “B” or higher in the class.

  3. Finals exemptions in AP courses will be handled by the AP teacher.

  4. AP exemptions will not count against the one exemption for a non-AP course.

No Credit/ Attendance Appeals

According to the MHS Student Handbook, “A student will not receive credit for a course if he/she has in excess of ten (10) absences in any course in which a student is enrolled during the semester . . . if a student exceeds the ten (10) absences per class, a No Credit (NC) will be posted in place of a letter grade." Students can complete a "No Credit Appeal". Please click here for the form.

9th grade PSAT

The PSAT for 9th graders will be January 25. The cost is $14 and the deadline to sign-up is December 3. Click here for more information.

Hats and Hoodies

As a reminder, hats, hoodies, beanies, and other head coverings are not allowed in the building. If a student wears one in the building, it will be taken and a parent/guardian will have to come and pick it up. Continuous issues will include discipline.

Virtual Student Information

Monday, December 13 - Target completion date for Edgenuity courses. Pacing for the semester uses this date.

Friday, December 17 - Last day to accept any assignments in Edgenuity. No assignments will be accepted after 3:35 on this day.

If your student(s) is planning to return to traditional in person learning, the deadline is November 30 to ensure counselors have time to develop a schedule before next semester.

Student academic success is a priority at MPS. Grades, attendance, and time commitment all affect how successful a student will be. In order to fit the needs of our MPS families, we have offered different learning model options: traditional, blended, or virtual. The virtual and blended learning models are successful only when students are motivated to work independently and stay on track with their coursework through the online program.

Students may be denied the virtual/blended option for next semester if they have poor performance or attendance or have had to return to campus to complete their online courses for the first semester. See below for clarification:

Grades: Poor performance or failing 1 or more courses could be grounds for denial into the virtual program for next semester. Previous poor performance will be used to determine placement. Any exception to this would require approval from your school principal or your student’s counselor.

Academic Integrity: Repeated plagiarism offenses could result in denial into virtual for next semester based on data evidence and teacher input.

Attendance: Excessive absence based on the MPS attendance policy of 10 per semester, may be grounds for denial into the virtual program for the next semester. Any exception to this would require approval from your school principal or your student’s counselor.

Return to Learn: If your student participated in the Return to Learn option and returned to campus to finish their virtual Edgenuity courses with teacher supervision this semester, they will not be eligible for virtual courses next semester. Any exception to this would require approval from a high school principal and your student’s counselor.

Free and Reduced Lunch Guidance for Parents

Some people have heard that it is only necessary to fill out this form if you want your child to qualify for free or reduced-price school lunch. The truth is that it is important for EVERY family to fill out this form because doing so helps bring much needed additional money and services to your child's school and district.

Mustang Public Schools (MPS) receives funding from the state and federal governments to support the needs of low-income students. For each student who qualifies for free or reduced price meals, our district receives thousands of additional dollars in funding. Studies show that many eligible students, in particular middle school and high school students, do not complete this form each year, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for MPS on the table. Even a small increase in eligible forms collected results in significantly more money to support our schools and students.

Even though meals are currently free, parents are encouraged to complete a free/reduced lunch application at now to ensure benefits will continue without interruption when the federal waiver expires. This helps ensure the district receives its share of federal dollars and may also qualify you for additional local or federal services and amenities at a reduced price.

Social Emotional Survey

All students will have had the opportunity to participate in a Social Emotional Checkpoint survey before Thanksgiving Break. If your student is struggling and you have not already notified his counselor, please reach out to their counselor and/or the Student Support Office at 376-7846.

Oklahoma's Promise

Parents, you must sign up your student for Oklahoma’s Promise by the end of their 11th grade year. Students from qualifying households receive free college tuition. Go to

English Language Learner Information

Click here for the EL Press newsletter.

Reporting Absences

Senior Attendance: Anna Robertson 376-2404 Ext. 7995

Junior Attendance: Jenni Godwin 376-2404 Ext. 7387

Sophomore Attendance: Stephanie Corn 376-2404 Ext. 7840

Freshman Attendance: Connie Stefanick 376-2404 Ext. 7388


The U.S. Department of Education's "American Rescue Plan Act of 2021-Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief III grant (ARP ESSER III)" requires States to distribute discretionary funds to target evidence-based practices for learning accelerations, summer enrichment, and after school programming. The grant period is from March 13, 2020 through September 30, 2023. Districts are required to follow all federal, state and local regulations and requirements for federal grant administration and fiscal spending of funds. The public is invited to view the 21-22 Learning Plan provided at MORSEY Learning Model Info. The public is invited to make a comment or provide feedback on the plan provided by emailing