Warren Warriors

By: Hallie Foster


The purpose of athletics is to stay fit. All of the following sports are in athletics: volleyball, basketball, cross country, track, tennis, and football. These sports build your competitive side while making you strong. Some negative things about athletics is that you have to run and workout which means you sweat and get body odor.


The purpose of playing volleyball is that it teaches team strategy and communication. The following are a few good things to know about volleyball: it gives you muscle, keeps you fit, builds your competitive side, improves quick-thinkingand you can make friends. Some negative things about volleyball is that you may get injuries and volleyball practice is at 6:00 in the morning.

Bible Study

The purpose of bible study is to get a closer relationship with God. The following are good things about bible study: you get to study the word of God, make friends with other Christians, you become stronger in your religion, last but not least, you learn about well-known people in the bible. A negative thing about bible study is that it usually occurs in the morning.