Tech Tips for Teachers

Amanda Goode

LanSchool Name Generator

Here is an easy way to create your class list for LanSchool.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using the same log-ins for your computer.
  3. Click on the help button for help searching for students or just type in the student's name.
  4. Once you find the student, click on the plus (+) sign. Repeat for each student on your class roster.
  5. Once your class in complete, name your class (under Download Class List) and save it.
  6. You will repeat the process for each class.

Here is how you load the class in LanSchool:

  1. Open the LanSchool application (Looks like a green bracelet).
  2. Click on Administer.
  3. Click on Load Class List.
  4. Find your Class List and open it.
  5. You are all set.

Safe Exam Browser

Want a way to keep students from cheating on Moodle quizzes? Use Safe Exam Browser. Every student has Safe Exam Browser downloaded on his/her computer. The browser prevents students from exiting the test until the teacher provides a password. It also blocks the student from using their computer to cheat by blocking the ability to take screenshots, use other applications, browse other websites, etc.

Here is how to use Safe Exam Browser:

  1. You must enable Safe Exam Browser in Moodle on each quiz.
  2. Have students open Safe Exam Browser on their computer. Verify that each student's Titlebar is RED.
  3. Once you have done this, you can instruct students to navigate to the quiz.
  4. Students will NOT be able to exit the quiz without the Safe Exam Browser password provided by you.
  5. To get the password, log in to
  6. Use your same log-in for the computer to log in to Safe Exam Browser. Once you are logged in, the password will appear. It regenerates every 12 minutes.
  7. For help on using Safe Exam Browser, log in to and click on the help tab. You can print the help instructions.

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