Week at Glance


Math Meeting (Location to be announced)

Rapid Response Drill


Holiday Party (Brio) @ 4:30pm


5th Grade Concert Assembly @ 8:10am

I&RS Meeting

B4 4 Meeting

Orchestra/Choir Concert @ 7pm


6th Grade Concert Assembly @ 8:10am

Dr. Rath Visit

I&RS Meeting

Band Concert @ 7pm

Tracy Update

Mary Anne and I spoke with Tracy's brother yesterday and he informed us that the surgery was completed without any complications and she's resting comfortably. As we get more information, we will pass it on. I've also been made aware that there have been parents inquiring about the purple ribbons we have been wearing. It is ok to share with them that we have a staff member that we are supporting by wearing the ribbons. For some parents, that explanation was not good enough, and they wanted to know who. Due to privacy laws we cannot be specific as to who the staff member and it is none of their business. So, please be prepared for parents who may inquire.

Rapid Response Drill

On Monday we will have our first Rapid Response Drill. We will be simulating an emergency situation involving a staff member/student and will be evaluating our response afterwards. This will take place during the day. There will be an announcement made over the PA system. We will not use the term "drill" when we begin our exercise. The members of the Rapid Response team should review their responsibilities prior to the drill. After the drill is over, we will give the all clear and explain to the students that this was only a drill and that all individuals in the building are safe.

Observance of Holidays

With the religious holiday of Hanukkah being observed December 16-24, please be considerate of our students and their families with regard to the assignment of homework, as this is a time of personal and religious reflection. Holidays begin at sundown on the preceding evening and conclude after sunset on the holiday, with the evenings being as sacred as the days themselves.

March Madness!

It's that time of year again. The Hartford/Harrington PTO is in the process of planning for this year's basketball game with the Harlem Wizards. This is the biggest fundraiser for the PTO and helps pay for clubs and after school activities. Last year they raised over $13,000. We need players to participate alongside other teachers from the district. More information will be coming soon.

B4 4 Meeting

The B4 4 meeting has been rescheduled from 12/16 to 12/17. I'll send an agenda to you next week.

Students Calling Home

Please continue to monitor the reasons why students are calling home. If you do allow a student to call home, please remind them to leave a message. Worried parents are calling the main office because they see the school's phone number on their caller ID and the child did not leave a message.

Chrome Carts

We are beginning to assess our computers for PARCC. If you check out a computer cart (Chrome or Dell) from the library and you see an issue, please alert Karen Waters so that we can get it fixed in time for PARCC. An issue can be anything from the physical condition of the computer or something that is software related.

For Your Review

I know that everyone is busy but, here are a couple of articles that I think you will find useful.

Due to number of changes in our teams last year, I thought the first article would be helpful as you continue to develop relationships with your new co-workers.

The second article discusses 21st Century Skills. As we all continue to become better acquainted with McRel, I believe that this article will help everyone in their understanding of what the 21st Century skills are. I must admit it is a long article, however, it gave me a clearer understanding of what each skill demands. As a suggestion, read the article within your PLC groups and discuss.


Technology Corner

IXL is Here!

Hartford has signed up for IXL for our SPED students. It's all set up for you to create your own teacher account and class roster with your students. The instructions were given to you in an email from Debbie Flamini on 12/9. Please consider using this as a tool to enhance your instruction. The questions are directly aligned to Core Content Standards and their strands. You can get valuable data on your students specific to their needs. Please communicate this to your parents so that students can utilize the service at home. In the Spring, I am going to be asking for feedback from you to determine if we should continue this service.


Common Core/PARCC resources for ELA,Math - a free website that you might find helpful. You can find assignments, create PARCC-like test questions and add classes to have students use materials. This website is in its infancy and is basically in test-mode. Not sure what future versions might look like, but for now it's been well received by some of your peers. My description is not doing the site justice, please check it out.

Create your account here

Thank you to everyone that helped with the socials this week. They were a big success and most of all the students had fun.

Have a Great Weekend!!