Fifth Grade News

Issue #1

Welcome, Fifth Grade Families!

· We are going to go as paper-free as possible this year and will begin working with the

online Blackboard system for all lesson communication.

· Check out our Twitter feed! cres5thgrade

· Back-To-School Night is September 9th at 6:30p.m.
· Ask us about our Brax Cups fundraiser-they make great gifts!
· Monthly Box Tops collections will begin, so please start saving.

· We will begin to switch classrooms for all subjects after Labor Day

· Projected trips for September: Monticello-Sept. 16th

and Writer’s Eye field trip to Fralin Art Museum and UVA Sept. 24th.

· Bring a snack every day
· 5th Grade is peanut free!

We are always in need of playground equipment. If you are cleaning out your garage, please keep an eye out for bases and kickballs. Thank you for your support!

Also needed two liter bottles of Diet Coke and packs of Mentos for science experiments. Thank you!

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Adam joins us from UVA while he is completing his Masters in teaching. He will be working with our fifth grade team until December. If you see him in passing, ask him about his time teaching preschool in Japan or ask about his Survival Skills class! We are thrilled to work with him and look forward to an exciting fall season with Mr. C.

Math Corner

Unit 1 discusses Multiplication and Division strategies. Students should be fluent in their Multiplication facts. Anytime you find an opportunity, check in with them to reinforce the facts. In Unit 1, we cover Order of Operations, one and two-digit multipliers/divisors, factors, multiples and prime versus composite numbers. It is content-heavy, but it serves as a base unit for future study.

From the Science Lab of Mr. Stauffer

Students will be investigating The Scientific Method beginning Tuesday, September 2nd. Students will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science planning and conducting investigations. I am asking for parents to please donate a 2 liter of Diet Coke, and a pack of Mentos for our first experiment. Thank you!

From the Historical Perspective of Mrs. Agee

After re-discovering the 5 regions of Virginia, students will review the physical characteristics, industries and products, tourist attractions, and cities of each unique region.

From the Writing Desk of Mrs. Garbaccio

We had a little refresher on the art of Capitalization. Feel free to peruse this link and take the quiz after the notes.

Throughout the year we will be discussing media and the art of persuasion. Students who understand author's purpose, make strong gains in reading comprehension. At home, feel free to ask your students about the purpose behind what they see on the Internet, watch on t.v., or read. Commercials are a fantastic way to discuss the purpose behind the message. What audience are they trying to reach?

Homework will be communicated through Blackboard. We are in the creative stages and will begin with writing assignments after Labor Day. We will be using Google documents this year for our writing assignments. This will help to reduce paper consumption and prepare our students to become strong digital citizens. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact me.