The Sir Henry Parkes Memorial PS Weekly Staff Memo

Term 2 Week 2

Thankyou all for last week - it ended up being a pretty hectic time and it was great to see people helping others and working as a team.

Our school can be a wonderful place to be!

A reminder about confidentiality and punctuality. I need all staff to be mindful of conversations - with both staff and parents - both at school and in the community.

If a parent is unhappy or questioning something while you are at Coles or in a shop etc...please advise them to call and make an appointment. Your relationships with parents and community are very important, however, do keep in mind they can be 'fairweather friends'. When things turn sour, what you have said or texted or emailed can possibly be used in a negative manner against you. We are professionals employed by the Department of Education, and need to lead by example. Please note the Code of Conduct reminder below.

I also need all teachers to make sure you are at school by 8:30am. Sometimes we can run late, however it is important to be on site, on time.

I have also noticed a few staff members not wearing hats whilst on playground duty. All staff - teachers, SLSOs, executive and myself must all be good role models to our students, staff, parents and community. Please wear your hats!

ALL STAFF AND SLSOs - if you are absent - you MUST notify ME - I have the school phone now for casuals. And you must complete your leave form immediately after your absence.

Update on Students

For your information:

Following the incident last Thursday at school Jake R and Jeremy A have both been given 20 day suspensions. They may return early as the best place for them is at school. Jerry McG received 4 days for his part.

I would like all staff to be observant around the friendship group involving Lachlan D, Rayf V-Z, Jake G etc...there has been some minor bullying and name calling, which has been ongoing this year. It has resulted in a violent act from Lachlan and he has been suspended for 4 days.

I also informally suspended the Cutmore boys in Yr 1, Richard and Jordan for repeated misbehaviour and absconding last Thursday.

This information is all confidential - Please keep it that way. if you have a parent querying, please redirect to me. If you have questions about these suspensions, come and see me.

Please also keep your supervisor and myself informed of any ongoing issues with your students so we are fully aware of issues which may be simmering or parental concerns.

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MONDAY - School Leadership Meeting - 3:15pm - Principal's office

TUESDAY - Stage Meetings

FRIDAY - Communication Meeting 8:30-8:55am

What's Happening This Week?

Monday 2-5-16

  • Tracy away - Robyn on KC

  • Merelyn away - Judy replacing in office.

  • Robyn Hillier away - Vicky Zapper replacing Robyn

  • Deb and Geoff at footy/netball day - Rebecca Mac on 3T

Tuesday 3-5-16

  • Tracy away - Robyn on KC

  • Merelyn away - Judy replacing in office.

  • Robyn Hillier away - Vicky Zapper replacing Robyn

  • L3S1 at Glen Innes PS..Emily, Amanda, Liz, Cam and Lorelle. Casuals TBA

Wednesday 4-5-16

  • Mother's Day stall today 9-11

  • Robyn Hillier away - Judy replacing Robyn

Thursday 5-5-16

  • PBL team meeting with Cathy Archer 12-3. Anna, Lorelle, Cam, Amanda and Liz. Casuals TBA

Friday 6-5-16

  • 1pm - VC - Anna, Fran, Julia Ramsey, Kristy Curry, Karina Hutchings, Lisa and Toni re Mickayla Hubbard enrolment requirements

  • 3:30pm on - Anna, Lorelle and Hugh panel meeting and interviewing for school chaplaincy position.


  • Staffroom duty -
  • Milk this week -
  • Dennis is on long service leave until May 15th. Chris Coker is filling in for Dennis while he is away
  • Mel Bridge is on LSL from Thursday 5 May until 19 May. Rebecca Mac is taking 4/5B while Mel is on LSL.

I am STILL waiting for a few teachers to get their blurb to me about Wed afternoon groups. This is delaying the whole process.

I need them tonight.

Code of Conduct Reminder

The values that underpin our work include fairness,

respect, integrity and responsibility.

We demonstrate these values in our

daily work by:

¡¡ providing quality services whether in the

community or the classroom

¡¡ being consistently honest, trustworthy and


¡¡ being courteous and responsive in dealing with


¡¡ being committed to social justice by opposing

prejudice, injustice and dishonesty

¡¡ making decisions that are procedurally fair to

people and which avoid discrimination, for

example, on grounds such as gender, race,

religion and culture

¡¡ promoting dignity and respect by avoiding

behaviour which is, or might reasonably be

perceived as, harassing, bullying or intimidating

¡¡ maintaining professional relationships with:

–– clients, customers and members of the public

–– students and young people

–– parents and carers

–– colleagues, and

–– business partners

¡¡ working collaboratively with colleagues to reach

our common goals

¡¡ maintaining and developing our professional

and work practices

¡¡ acknowledging our stakeholders as partners in

our work, and

¡¡ behaving in ways that advance vibrant,sustainable, inclusive and responsible

communities across NSW