Edgar Allan Poe Biography

By: Noah Wilkes

Childhood Life

Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1809. On the date a January 19th a legend was born. His life was very rough. Poe's dad left him at a early age. His mom on the other hand was there and then died when he was 3. He was then take by a man named John Allan.

Poe's Education

Poe had a unusual education. In his early life he went to school in England. In his later life he started to go to the university of Virginia. Before he went to college he went to some of the top boarding schools. Leading him into a good education for college.

The way of the writer

Edgar got into writing from his job. The job he took as a editor allowed him to start his writing career. This got him into writing short stories. Edgar later in life started to publish. His story technique was mysterious and horrifying. Edgar was known as the first person to start the mysterious detective stories.

Poe's Mysterious Death

The way Poe died is questioned by many. Poe took a unexpected trip to Baltimore. No one really knows why he went. 4 days after he took this trip they found him laying on the ground dead. Scientist believe that he was dying of rabies but the actual reason will probably never be found.


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