Awesome vacations at Neptune

By: Maria Ramirez

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About our planet

Neptune is the 8th planet in the solar system, it also is a blue planet, also a beautiful place to come visit or live! we have the best view you could ever see, We have water parks and all that kind of stuff to have fun, you would have an amazing vacations if you come, in our resorts we have an amazing service, Neptune is 2.77 billion miles (4.46 billion km) away from Earth, your whole trip will be 5.000 dollars per person for 7 days and 6 nights, in the amount of money it already includes the resort, the food, and the transportation.
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More Information? Contact me!

Hi! My name is Maria Ramirez. Our planet is amazing, if you come to have some fun like vacations, is the perfect place to go! and if you're moving here... EXCELLENT!! you'll have fun everyday plus we have some great jobs you can get at Neptune.