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3rd Marking Period Newsletter

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Wow, it's hard to believe that we have finished the 3rd marking period. We are continuing to build a family partnership in which each and every child and family is a part of our school's journey towards the success of every child. Throughout this school year, we have continued to focus on the three priorities of Connors: Parent Partnership, Centrality of the Child and Academic Excellence. Those priorities are embedded in our district’s mission, vision and goals. I would like to circle back to those priorities and share with you our progress in those specific areas during the 3rd marking period, whether it is through in class instruction or remote learning.

Parent Partnership

Research shows that effective schools have high levels of parental and community involvement as those partnerships are positively correlated to success in student academic achievement, positive behavior and school attendance. I truly cherish our partnership. I want every parent to feel welcome and to feel a part of our thriving school community. Parents and families have partnered with our staff to create exciting and impactful school and community events to further strengthen the bond between Connors and our family community.

Parent partnerships emanate through Connors elementary school. Our Connors Green Team led Green Week where students learned how to reduce, reuse and recycle. There were daily fun green activities as well as a day where our green team came into Connors and led green lessons with our students during Green Camp. Our Green Team also partnered with Connors for Green Drop, where families made charitable donations of clothes and household items with all proceeds benefiting the Red Cross. In addition, parents were a huge part of our Read Across America week. Our parents and our school resource officers were our daily mystery readers throughout the fun filled week. Our Connors school spirit wear is led by our parents on our PTO. The School Spirit Wear fuels so much of our Connors school spirit! Our PTO also sponsored the Free Little Library. Our 5th graders were able to stain and finish the Free Little Libraries as part of a 5th grade project. Now, anyone in the community can donate or share a book! I cannot express enough how much I sincerely appreciate our Connors family.

Centrality of the Child

Student voices, interests and needs shape the planning of learning experiences that are relevant to each individual child. Each of our students have different strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to celebrate and continue to develop our children’s strengths and assist our students in closing gaps in which their skills may be weaker.

Social Emotional Learning is a key element in the centrality and development of the whole child. As part of our students Social Emotional Learning, the Move this World program has become embedded in our school culture. During morning meetings and during afternoon closure, students are developing their social emotional learning through the Move this world program. Children can be heard saying...."Let's meet in the middle", or "Walk away quietly".

To also support our Social Emotional Learning, Dean Sorafine and our School Resource Officers initiated and developed a friendship bear program. Each student wrote a special note to a friend in the class sharing a special message of friendship. Every student gave a friend a friendship bear with a special note of friendship attached to it.

During this time of remote learning, there is a wide range of individual student and family circumstances. It is during times like these that the centrality of the child has an even heightened level of importance. Every family has different technology, schedule, health, academic, and social needs during this time period. Therefore, we try to be as flexible as possible, especially during this unprecedented time and continue to make the centrality of the child a top priority.

Academic Excellence

Our students are continually immersed in academically stimulating and challenging educational programs. Our curriculum is rigorous, responsive and relevant. We are striving for each child to continuously grow academically. Teachers are closely monitoring the academic growth and achievements of each student by giving data-driven instruction.

We have also continued our school-wide focus on reading and math growth. Teachers and faculty, as well as myself, have fostered a love of reading to transmit that love onto the students' views of reading. Studies show that children who read independently for pleasure become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas and have greater content knowledge. Our D.E.A.R and Reading Buddies program have become a huge part of our reading school culture. In addition, every child at Connors has a RAZ kids account, where they can access thousands of books at a touch of a button. Every child also has an IXL account where they can practice and play math games that are either of personal interest or directly correlated to the math unit the students are working on. Our teachers have been closely monitoring student academic growth in math and ELA using our LinkIt platform. Using Linkit assessment data, teachers provide individualized challenges and support, in order to foster the growth of all students.

The rest of this newsletter is a window into Connors through both traditional classroom learning and through remote learning. I hope you enjoy viewing the happy and engaged faces of our students while they are learning. I also want to reiterate that if you have any questions about remote learning, please always feel free to reach out to me. I know that the circumstances for each family outside the school environment are different right now. This is a time period where the centrality of the child and individual needs are so important. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you need anything, as I am always here for you.

All the best,

Juliana Addi


Dean's Message

Hello T.G Connors School Community,

During this unique time of distance learning it has been a priority of ours to continue to focus on the importance of social and emotional learning. Our team at Connors discussed some of the challenges that our students would be faced with and ways we could continue to support them to ensure they still felt connected to our amazing school community.

Over the past four weeks students participated in a virtual spirit week, an online talent show, and classroom zoom meetings. This gave students a way to share their experiences while staying connected to their classmates. Students participate in the morning Pledge with Ms. Addi, celebrate birthdays with one another, and compete in a daily riddle challenge. We have continued to use our Move This World social emotional learning platform during morning meetings, and we are glad to hear students are still practicing their emotional management tools at home.

Although this period of social distancing is new to all of us, and has definitely come with some challenges, we are confident that it has made our school community stronger and more resilient. We are extremely proud of our entire school community and grateful for the effort put forth to keep our students emotionally healthy.

Blurb regarding access to the Move This World resource center and their videos:

In light of our school closing, our friends at Move This World have created an online resource center with downloadable materials all focused around social emotional learning (you can access that by clicking here). They have also created unique access to a selection of their video exercises for families in our community. Amidst the hectic nature of this time period, maintaining a routine around social emotional wellness is more important than ever. We hope that our students will find comfort in being able to continue to engage in their Move This World practices.

Here's how it works:

Click here to access Elementary School breathing exercises.

Your Dean,

Mr. Sorafine

A Message From Christy Gaudio, Reading Specialist and District ILP Coordinator

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The Power of Reading 20 Minutes a Day

The ability to read competently and, more importantly, the enjoyment of reading has great implications for a student’s academic success. Increasingly, new research is showing that the best predictor of future education achievement and life success is reading ability - or, more significantly, being an engaged reader. The engaged reader is purposeful, intrinsically motivated, and socially interactive. Engaged readers who read independently, or who are read to for at least 20 minutes per day will hear 1,800,000 words per year and will have read for 851 hours by the sixth grade!

As a reading teacher, one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed during this unprecedented time is the way communities are coming together to give America’s children access to incredible literature. We may no longer be able to congregate on carpets at school to hear books read aloud or check out our favorite titles from the local library, but the following links will help to ensure that your children still have access to a vast library of captivating books, allowing them to continue to engage in a powerful 20 minutes of reading every day.

We’d love to see how you are continuing your 20 minutes of daily reading practice at home! Send a picture of your child or your whole family reading in your favorite reading spots at home and send them to Principal Addi at

HPS Reads: K-12 educators and administrators from our very own Hoboken Public School District are recording themselves reading some of their favorite children’s books. What better way to engage in a book than getting to hear it read by your teacher?!

KidsA-Z: Every student at Connors Elementary School has access to over two thousand beautifully illustrated and engaging ebooks. Reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions at all about accessing your child’s personalized KidsAZ account.

Storyline Online: Storyline Online streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Readers include Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, Kristen Bell, Rita Moreno, Viola Davis, Jaime Camil, Kevin Costner, Lily Tomlin, Sarah Silverman, Betty White and dozens more.

Epic Books: Epic is offering 30 days of free and unlimited access to over 40,000 books including award-winning fiction, non-fiction, STEM, biographies, chapter books, and graphic novels.

Audible for Kids: For as long as schools are closed, Audible is offering unlimited and free access to hundreds of stories that will help children continue reading, dreaming, and learning.

Magic Tree House Home Adventures: Do you have a child that loves the Magic Tree House Series? Random House Children’s Books, together with Mary Pope Osborne, launched Magic Tree House Home Adventures. There are crafts, activities, games, and more, all related to weekly Magic Tree House Series themes.

Dav Pilkey at Home: The beloved author of the Dog Man series, Dav Pilkey, is posting weekly readings of his #1 New York Times Bestseller Dog Man stories that include engaging drawing, writing, and acting activities.

Story Time From Space: Story Time from Space is a project of the Global Space Education Foundation, which sends children’s books to the International Space Station. While in space, astronauts record themselves on video reading these books to the children of Earth and share them on the Story Time from Space website.

Lit2Go: Lit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 format.

Story Time with the Hoboken Police: Members of the Hoboken Police Department read their favorite children's books to bring joy and big smiles to your home.

A Message from Our Integrated Services Team

Good Day Parents and Guardians,

As we continue our Remote Learning we wanted to reach out and give you all an abundance of credit for all of your efforts with your children. We have all hit bumps in the road as we navigate this journey with our children. There will be days that are more difficult than others and also a lot of successes both big and small. We encourage you to speak with your children regarding the great job they are doing with their school work, as well as in life! Life is hard and different right now for us all and complimenting our children for doing their best under such uncertain times not only will make them feel good about themselves, but it is also necessary to help them push forward. Make sure to take time each day to unwind, have some fun, let you kids just simply be kids and be accepting of the difficult times due to the pressures we are all feeling.

We are now well into spring and as they say, “April showers bring May flowers”. I believe the “showers” we are all experiencing in our lives now, representing the sacrifices we are making, will eventually lead to May flowers…meaning greater and joyous times ahead. Our lives will get better, and before long we will all see each other again in person.

We miss seeing all the children and their families. Should you need to contact either one of us, please reach out via email. Stay healthy!


Stefanee Wolfsie and David White

A Message from our school psychologist

Hello Connors friends :),

I have missed you so much during these weeks! I miss your smiles. I miss seeing my lunchtime friends. I miss our friends who visit us in our office. I miss seeing you in the hallways and seeing you in your classes. It will be wonderful when we all get to be with each other again. In the meantime, hang in there! I wish you all the best with your online learning and your stay at home activities.

If anyone is having a hard time with staying at home, please feel free to email me at I would be happy to chat with you on email, phone call or video conference. Stay safe and well.

All my best,

Ms. Loreto Martinez

School Psychologist

Nurse's Message

The year 2020 will be one that we will never forget. Life has taken a complete 180 and this past quarter, we all worked together to get through the “current normal.” This time of year I normally would’ve been spending countless days performing vision, hearing, and BMI screenings, educating on proper healthy practices with the change of season, preparing health records for next year, and much more.

Even though we are all home and virtually living, my role as your School Nurse has not changed. I am still here to advise if you notice your child is having some vision or hearing issues, I am still here to provide healthy eating and exercise habits at home when the routine is different and I will always be here to advise and counsel on any questions that arise about the body, chronic conditions, or symptomatic management.

While at home I have been monitoring the changes with information and statistics that come out regarding Covid-19 and we are already preparing what our “new normal” will be to protect the health and safety of our school community.

As always, feel free to reach out to me through email,, with any questions or concerns regarding the health of your child or family. We are a strong community and I know I can’t wait to physically be together again soon.

Nicole DeMatteo

Connors School Nurse

Kindergarten Highlights


Kindergarten students were hard at work becoming rockstar readers this marking period! Students engaged in literacy rotations. These included a teacher-led Guided Reading Station, a sight word or blending station, and a technology station with Raz Kids. Student loved each of the centers, and especially enjoyed using the iPads to sharpen their reading skills on Raz Kids!

Our kindergarten students also LOVE listening to stories! To the right you'll see one of our Mystery Readers (Ava L.'s dad) reading a story to us!

Big picture


Kindergarten students have been busy this marking period during math! They have learned many ways to add and subtract, and use these skills during math story problems and center activities. In addition, they have sharpened their shape knowledge and measuring skills!

Remote Learning has brought about new experiences for everyone. To the left you will see kindgarten student Morgan teaching her brother some math skills!

Using Tech and Hands-on Math

Kindergarten students worked with Miss Vayda on solving subtraction and addition equations with manipulatives. Here is a great example of tech integration and hands-on learning!

Social Studies

Friends in Ms. Rodriguez's kindergarten class shared these adorable pictures of themselves when they were younger during Remote Learning assignments for Social Studies. They compared how things have changed over time. Can you guess who these cuties are?

first grade highlights


In first grade, they introduced their new sound of the week. They enjoy sorting words, identifying them in stories they read, and using them in sentences! Pictured is a student from Mrs. Sheridan's class proudly showing his ELA assignment. Whether it's in the classroom, or learning from home, first graders are working hard! Great job Declan!


Students in first grade have been busy learning lots during math! Topics covered include two digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, classifying numbers as even and odd, and telling time. First graders are becoming experts at data collection and graphing as they engage in daily math lessons from Unit 6 of our Math Investigations curriculum. Students are practicing conducting surveys, creating tally charts and pictographs, as well as analyzing data from graphs. I am also very proud of the extra work first graders have been putting in on IXL where they are further able to practice various grade level math skills.

Social Studies

First graders have been hard at work during Remote Learning during Social Studies. Our first few weeks focused on map skills including the compass, directional terms, and finding locations. First graders also colored and labeled a world map and identified oceans and continents. Most recently, first grade students have been learning about topics such as the 3 R's: reduce, reuse and recycle in honor of Earth Day which we recently celebrated.


During Remote Learning, Nicholas P. used nature as his inspiration to create beautiful spring flowers for all to view! A beautiful piece of artwork to brighten each of our days!

Second grade highlights


Second grade has been working so diligently to keep up with the rigor during our Remote Learning sessions! One skill that we heavily focus on is writing substantial paragraphs and descriptive summaries. Throughout our Remote Learning, the students have practiced reading texts both independently and with their class. After reading, students have either been instructed to make a connection to the text by composing a paragraph response, provide a detailed summary of the text or answer comprehension questions. Our second graders have been working hard to not only keep up with our second grade comprehension tasks, but also prepare for third grade literacy! This picture shows Nahla Lisa's, from Ms. Ayers' class, summary for the story "Recipe for Disaster."
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Miss Vayda worked with second grade students with using graphic organizers to help retell the story as they read each chapter.


Second grade scholars in Mrs. Gaudio's ILP reading group read with fluency phones to improve their oral reading skills shown below. As shown to the left, scholars in Mrs. Gaudio's ILP reading group used a lifesize story map to retell the key story elements of a fiction story.
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Social Studies

In expanding upon our learning from school, the students in second grade focused on the government for Social Studies. Students should have been familiar with the concept of local government from Marking Period 2. A variety of text and resources were provided for the students to extend their learning about the structure of their local government. A few tasks required them to think about problems and/or issues that they would like changed right within their own community of Hoboken! The provided picture shows a letter written by Amy Morales, in Ms. Ayers' class, in which she explains to Mayor Bhalla why residents should only use recycling bags, as opposed to plastic.
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During Remote Learning, students were learning about Earth Day and how we can take care of our Earth. Here is a picture of Jacob Mendoza holding his Earth Day poster he completed for a Science assignment!


During Remote Learning, Gabriela S. illustrated a beautiful flamingo. This was while following along to Mrs. Musella's fun "How to draw a flamingo" video!

third grade highlights


Students in Room 303 are working hard during Remote Learning. They learned how to identify a character’s point of view after reading The Real Story of Stone Soup. Shown below is a picture of their learning in action!
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Students in the third grade continue to practice their math fact fluency while learning remotely. During a Zoom session, the students engaged in a Math fact fluency game, playing with their peers.
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fourth grade highlights


Students enjoyed playing “Geometry Simon Says” to practice definitions for math vocabulary words about angles, lines, turns, measurement, and polygons during our Math Investigations unit on Geometry and Measurement. Here they are making a right / 90 degree angle.


4th grade students focused on their core novel, Who Let the Gods Out? Here, you see a group reading of this core novel, followed by a discussion.

Social Studies

For our African American History Month Presentation, 4th graders participated in dance, poetry reading, and singing. Students researched important people in African American History and created a Google Slides presentation, which was displayed during the presentation.


4th Grade students got to participate in Global Pen Pals. Students participated in a district initiative to connect with students all over the world. They were excited to receive emails and comments from others.

fifth grade highlights


Ms. Sogluizzo’s 5th graders finished reading their novel, Coraline. After comparing and contrasting the novel to the movie, as a culminating project, the students created “Bottle Characters.” They worked with their group to decide which character they would create, draw a plan, and list materials they would need to create the doll. After their design was approved, the students began creating their Coraline Characters! The final step of the project was a writing activity describing their character, citing and explaining text evidence. Check out their Coraline, “Other Mother”, “Other Miss Forcible”, and “Other Wybie”!!!


5th graders played a math review game where they had to benchmark decimals. Once the fractions were benchmarked, students had to organize it properly from least to greatest. This was no easy task since they were comparing tenths vs thousandths, and hundredths vs. tenths. Students had the best time! Every group was successful in organizing their cards and even completed the challenge cards as well.
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Social Studies

Our brave 5th grade students were excited to memorize 3 powerful poems for Black History and even acted out parts of the poem.

The poems were:

“Harlem”by Langston Hughes- Performed by Donaven Crandell and Nikko Rodriguez

“Hey Black Child” by Countee Cullen- Performed by Malia Stewart, Jessica Santiago,Legaci Howard, Kenya Miller

“Sometimes I Cry” by Tupac Shakur- Performed by Kelvin Marte and Gabriel Colon
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school events and happenings

Black History Month Celebration, Performance, and Showcase

We had such an amazing Black History Month at Connors. Our Black History Month Celebration, Performance and Presentation was a fantastic culmination event to showcase our student's work throughout the month of February! Our students made posters, quilts, biographies, essays, timelines, google slide shows, and scrap books featuring influential African Americans who have changed the world.

At the event, our K-2 Choir sang "Martin Luther King" and "This Little Light of Mine" and our 3-5 Choir sang "Follow the Drinking Gourd" and "Rise Up". Our 4th graders read Langston Hughes Poems including I Dream A World, Walkers with the Dawn, The Dream Keeper, Final Curve and Youth. Our 5th graders read poems including Harlem, Hey Black Child, and Sometimes I Cry. Our 5th graders also read their research essays on Claudette Colvin, Nelson Mandela, Shriley Chisolm, and Freedom Writers. Our 4th graders danced a lyrical piece that told the story of Rosa Parks.

4th Grade girls perform: "Rosa Parks" Lyrical Dance

K-2 Chorus Sings, "Martin Luther King"

K-2 Chorus Sings: "This Little Light of Mine"

3-5 Chorus Sings: "Follow the Drinking Gourd"

3-5 Chorus Sings: "Rise Up"

Read Across America Spirt Week

The kids had a blast during Read Across America Week! Monday was ”Hats off to Dr. Seuss” when students got to wear their favorite or crazy hat. Tuesday was ”Read my Shirt Day” when students got to wear a shirt that people can read. Wednesday was ”Thing One Thing Two Day” when students got to dress up as a twin with a friend. Thursday was ”Crazy Fox in Socks Day” when students wore fun colorful socks. Friday was ”Pajama Reading Day”, students favorite day of the week. Students wore their pajamas to read their favorite bedtime stories. Many parents came to Connors as "Mystery Readers" and read stories to their child's class. Our School Resource Officers also visited many of our classes and read stories to the children as well. To also promote reading, we finished and installed our Free Little Libraries! This week was a fantastic week to celebrate reading! Enjoy our Read Across America Video Montage and pictures!

Virtual Showcase of Special Talents

Virtual Talent Show

Friendship Bears

100th Day of School Celebration

Learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Housing Authority Black History Month Awards

Student of the Month


I want to congratulate our Students of the Month for the month of February! We are so proud of all of you!

5th Grade- Gabriel C.

4th Grade-Algelis R.

3rd Grade-Raymond B

2nd Grade- Madison M. (District Student of the Month for Connors)

1st Grade-Carlos S.

Kindergarten-Mina K.

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