CV Marching Band 2022

July News - edition one

Our theme was announced!

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Band Basics

Contact information:

Director - David Porter


Color Guard: - Katlyn Baer


Percussion -Steve Fillipelli

CV Booster President

Catherine de La Barrera -

2022 Payment Information

  • Write a check to CVBB (with student's name in the memo line)

  • PayPal- Cumberland Valley Band Boosters Please add fundraiser and student name in the notes section.

  • Venmo - @CumberlandValley-BandBoosters Please add fundraiser name and student name in the notes section.

  • Band Box- Checks payable to "CVBB" can be placed into the white locked box on the left wall as you enter the band room. Please write student name and fundraiser in the memo.

The Band Boosters will meet the third Thursday of each month during band rehearsal.

Current Fundraising Opportunities:

R & K Sub Sale

Click here for the order form

Orders due to by 7/5 for a 7/14 5-7pm pick-up. The order form is attached to this email. Our goal is for each member to sell at least 15 sandwiches. SEND ORDER FORMS TO - by midnight on 7/5/22

Marching for You! fundraiser - We are off to a great start. Our goal is to have each member participate with a goal of getting $20 in donations for each day of band camp for a total of $200 each. We rely on fundraising heavily to get our season started. Every bit helps! See the information here.

Sponsorships are available for Echoes in the Valley (our home show). If your company would be interested in being a sponsor, please contact for more information.

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Create a free fundraising account on the RaiseRight mobile app or at

CVBB’s enrollment code 228DECE276414


If you shop on Amazon, please use the Amazon Smile program. Go to: and then choose Cumberland Valley High School Band Boosters Organization as the beneficiary. A portion of your eligible purchase will go to the band. It's really that easy!

United Way Campaign: Did you know your United Way contribution can be directed to the Cumberland Valley Band Boosters?

Either look up the Cumberland Valley Band Boosters on your employer's United Way page, or reference

United Way ID - A000666654

United Way Acct code - 252568

Donating to the Best Band on the Planet can't get much easier than that!



Parent Preview – August 4, 2022

See the show

Meet the staff

Raffles, food, and more

Time TBD! More information to come from Mr. Porter

Big picture

Help needed - Hampden Township Fun Food Fest and Fireworks!

Saturday, July 9th. This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for the whole family!


Set-up - 1 -3pm (adults and students) Unload truck, set up the tables, condiments, arrange beverage stations, set up canopy.

Fyers - Adults only - In the wagon, load baskets with food, fry and check temperature before serving, fill orders

Cashiers - (adults only) take orders and handle payment. Direct the customer to the server area to give their order to the runners/servers.

Runners/Servers - (adults and students) get needed beverages. Take order slips from customer to wagon, call out order clearly to the fryers. Keep in order on the counter. When orders are ready, deliver food to the customer.

Floaters- (can be adults or students) used to give extra support or breaks as needed.

Uniform information


Musician Uniform Information

DINKLES ($41):

For RETURNING musicians, please find your Dinkles and try them on. If they do not fit there will be an opportunity to order new ones. Please consider donating your old ones to the uniform trailer.

For NEW musicians, there are old shoes that can be tried on prior to ordering new ones. There is a poor selection of wide width shoes to sample, but the company does offer that option when ordering. The best estimate for shoe size is to order based on sneaker size.


RETURNING and NEW musicians:

The red polo shirt used last year has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Our supplier is looking for options for us but this means that everyone will have to order a new shirt this year. Unfortunately, there is no pricing yet but last year's shirt was $20 so I'm hoping it is close to that.

NEW musicians will have to provide their own khaki pants as part of the "summer uniform". The other pieces of that uniform are black socks and Dinkles. This will be worn when the temperature is 85 degrees or greater. Mr. Porter makes the decision and sends out communication about when this uniform is appropriate.

T-SHIRT ($11 each), RED JACKET ($50), GLOVES ($4/pair):

NEW musicians will be ordering black CV band T-shirts, a red CV marching band jacket, and black gloves. You will receive 2 T-shirts and 2 pairs of gloves with the opportunity to order more from an a la carte option on our order form. The red jacket will have the option to be embroidered with student name, etc at no additional cost.

RETURNING musicians can order new t-shirts, gloves, or a jacket, if needed, from the a la carte option on the order form.


NEW musicians...what else do you need? In addition to the above-mentioned khaki pants, you will supply your own black mesh shorts (or black leggings if preferred) as well as your own black tall socks.

All musicians must have their hair up in their shako (hat) so please plan accordingly. There are stretchy black headbands on the uniform trailer that can be used for the season to help hold up the loose ends. The uniform moms (Nicole Holland and Jessica Arcega) will help to do the hair but it will most likely be done poorly. FYI-Shakos are removed in the stands at football games.

Piercings have to be removed or covered up with band-aids for competitions. Nail polish and any other visible jewelry will also need to be absent for competitions.

If something doesn't fit properly, please let us know. Kids grow but uniforms do not and we want everyone to be comfortable all the way to Disney. It's very common to have to redo hat sizing so don't be shy to ask for help.

Order using the form below.

Color Guard Uniforms

Information will be sent to the guard directly from the Color guard staff. ALL GUARD MEMBERS SHOULD COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW TO BE INCLUDED IN THE BAND DIRECTORY.

All members should complete this form so their information is added to the band directory.

Band Camp Information

Band Camp:

July 18-22 Week 1

Monday-Thursday 1pm-9pm

Friday 9am-12pm, 1pm picnic

August 1-5 Week 2

Monday-Wednesday 1pm-9pm,

Thursday 1pm-5pm parent preview evening,

Feed the Band 2022

The boosters have a dedicated group of parents who enjoy providing a low-cost meal for students during band camp. There will be an opportunity for parents to volunteer to serve the meals and/or donate items to help defray the cost.

Meal time is 5-6pm.

This year, the boosters will provide a meal option for the following days of camp. Full menus will be published here shortly.

Week one

- Monday Chicken and salad day (cost $5)

TUESDAY - on your own.

-Wednesday - Two food trucks are coming to provide meal options (approximate cost $10 -15 for a full meal)

-Thursday - Pizza Night $5

Week two

Monday- Pretzel dog/pretzel night

Tuesday - on your own

Wednesday - TBD

Thursday - Parent preview dinner


Chaperone the band at an away football game or trip

You must have volunteer clearances on file at the District office in order to chaperone band trips. Clearance information can be found here.

Please email if you are interested in chaperoning.

Fry Wagon and concessions

Volunteer to work a shift at the Fry Wagon or the concession stand during home football games! Concessions and the Fry Wagon are BIG fundraisers for our organization.


Sewing corner

Flags, costume pieces, goods for sale to raise money for the boosters! They are made by a fun group of parents who sew, pin, cut, iron, and make patterns! Please email if you are interested in helping to sew.