Greece and Rome

Contributions and Governments

Greek Contributions

  • They made pottery out of black and orange clay
  • They built columns and they are used in many buildings today
  • They discovered geometry
  • They created medicines
  • They learned about astronomy
  • Many roots of words in out alphabet today come from the Greek alphabet

Roman Contributions

  • The laws they made became the basis for many codes of laws in European countries
  • They declared Christianity an official religion
  • They built aqueducts which are, today, plumbing systems

Greek Government

Greece wad divided up into city-states. Each one had its own government, laws and customs. Most of the city-states were monarchies that were ruled by a king. Some were oligarchies ruled by the powerful elite members of the society. Athens had a democracy.

Roman Government

Rome had emperors that ruled their land. They included, Caesar Augustus, Nero, Trajan, Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, Diocletian, and Romulus Augustus.