What's New in Kindergarten!

Mrs. Sheppard's Class

What's up in School?

Phonics: We are learning about letters and the sounds that they make. We are also beginning to blend the letters and begin to read words. Try it at home with the following letters. S T M A P

Math: We have been working on reading and writing our numbers to 20. Please encourage your child to practice writing their numbers from 0-20. We are also counting sets of math manipulatives to 12.

Reading: We have read, I Love Bugs, and Shapes All Around. We really enjoyed learning about insects and shapes in our world.

In the News:

We enjoyed our to field trip to Farmer Stan's Farm. We learned a lot about Fall crops and planting. The kids loved the corn maze and the pumpkin relay. We also visited the Maker Lab. The kids enjoyed creating some masterpieces. Thanks to all of the mom's who came in to help us out!

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