The death penalty

by Erick Escudero

liberty And justice for all ?

when you say or hear these words you probably think that we all get treated fairly and our rights from the Constitution will protect us in court. just as our 8th amendments will protect us from cruel and unusual punishment,but what about capital punishment?

capital punishment debate

there has been a heated debate about the capital punishment being unconstitutional but how ever they are wrong as most people that committed capital crimes are the worst type of crimes this includes terrorism espionage ,mass murder and treason which are all horrible crimes that put american people in is a death sentence and unusual and cruel punishment for these crimes ?

death is a option

when some one is sentenced to death row its thought through. in fact what do you think about a murder, most people would think that they would say that they should deserve to be sentenced to death so i believe that the death penalty is the best options for these people as they have put america in danger or betrayed them so in my opinion the death penalty is the best punishment for people who have done these crimes