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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of December 12/7

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Our fourth meeting was productive. We partnered up to review our current behavior matrix. Solidifying the matrix builds the foundation for our universal expectations school wide. When we are all speaking the same language and having the same expectations our students thrive and staff feels connected. We will have a review for staff to provide feedback on the matrix. Student sessions with students in grades 3-5 to gain a student perspective are scheduled for December 3rd. Teachers in grades 3-5 should enter two students to represent their class to the google doc that came out today.

Our work can be found in the:

PBIS Folder

Our next meeting will be on December 4th

School Improvement Planning Through Rising Star

Learning Environment: CL8 The school culture supports teachers in practicing effective and responsive instruction to meet individual student needs.

Educator Quality: ID13 Instructional teams meet for blocks of time sufficient to develop and refine units of instruction and review student learning data.

Teaching and Learning: IIB04 Teachers differentiate instruction based on assessment results to provide support for some students and enhance learning opportunities for others.

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Word Study

As you know, one way to differentiate word study for your students is by using word sorts that correlate with students’ developmental spelling stage. The sorts are already made and organized by stage and lesson! In order for these to be more easily accessible, they have been moved to the following locations:

  • “letter name” & “within word” stages: downstairs workroom

  • “syllables and affixes” & “derivational relations” stages: upstairs work room.

Another resource that is easy it use is the word study section of the Language and Literacy Guide. These follow the typical developmental stages for the grade level. This is a valuable resource especially for grades 3-5 since there is not a “word study” component written into the UofS. If you would like a partner to co-plan ways to integrate word study into your literacy time, Jenni would be happy to help!

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Science Restock Forms

Just a reminder:

When filling out the Science Restock Forms Please put the "Actual Amount" in the column at the right not just a check mark or a 1...

To avoid confusion and waste of supplies, I need the actual amount so I can order accordingly.

Thank You.

Lynn Weber

Running Records

The following running record forms have been replenished and are available on the shelf in room 223 (aka...the Hokey Pokey Clinc)!

  • blank (no line) forms
  • lined forms for levels C-K with condensed comprehension conversation rubric on back
  • lined forms for levels L-Z with condensed comprehension conversation rubric on back

Synergy Progress Reports

Progress reports are expected to be finished 8:00 AM December 7th. Admin will be reviewing progress reports and putting comments for students in the comment box. Report cards will go live December 11th for parents

Ringing the Bell @ Walmart December 5th

Come join our Encore Teachers as they ring the bell this Saturday 10:00-11:00!

Coat A Kid/ Mitten Tree

Coat-A-Kid donations end today 12/3

Mitten Tree donations end 12/18

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  • Emily Schaefer rocks for helping me with all my technology questions!

    Cathy B

  • Jill Loria for always being willing to step up and cover breakfast duty whenever I have a meeting.M. Johnson

  • Bim rocks! When the light bulb on my projector blew out, he was there early the next morning to replace it!-D.Ladner

  • Kristin Thorsen deserves a shout out for helping me with MAP this week. Thanks so much for your help!-Jen Nixon

  • Selena- For always helping at a moments notice with Synergy questions!!-Heinrichs

  • Adrienne and I would like to give a "you rock" to Mrs. Petersen and Mr. Sromek for giving us a helping hand on the playground and stop sign duty, when there was no one else to cover it!
    Thank you, your awesome. Simone

  • Tina Serra for accommodating student needs by letting the Big Sister/Big Brother Program meet in the library and for teaming on individualizing a behavior system that allows certain students to earn tickets and sit in her awesome igloo!! Thanks Tina, Karen Belke.​

  • Lisa Noonan for her continued support in the lab and all things MAP!

  • I think we should all thank Lisa Noonan for all her help during MAP testing. We could not make it without her.-D. Glawe

  • Lori Maxwell, Marny, and Debbie Glawe rock for their work on the Math Committee.

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