Andrew Mooney's University Project


Acceptance Average: The acceptance average for the university that I want to get in to is very important to me. I want the acceptance average for each school to be as close as possibly to my final overall grade 12 mark. I want it to be close so that I can get in to the school, but I do not want the acceptance average to be too low. If it is too low then anybody can get in to the school, which makes it less prestigious and open to people who may be more of a distraction then an aid. I want the entry average to be higher just so that I will have to work and focus on exceeding in the school. With that being said I do not want the entrance average too high because then I may not get in to the school.

Co-curricular Clubs: As a HTS student I am involved in many clubs and sports outside of school. Academics are obviously very important to me, but I also take pride in my ability to compete on sports teams and be involved in clubs. While away at university I will want to stay involved in clubs. I am a very active person and so in order for me to still feel like I am close to home even when I am at university is to play sports and be involved in co - curriculars.

Population Size: The size of the school matters to me because I like to be in an environment that I am comfortable in. I do like to be in big groups of people because I am not that shy and so I enjoy socializing with people and making new friends. As we all know friends are the best thing to have in university because they are there to help you and are also fun to just be around. The size of the school does not only affect social life, as it plays a major role in class size and how much one on one time you will have with the professor. Before I hand in my work I like to have meeting with the teacher just to make sure that I am on the right track. Going to a school where there are a good amount of students but not too many would be perfect to suit my social and academic needs.

Distance from Home: As I go off to university I do not really care how far away from home I am. I obviously love my family very much, and I am close with them but I do not get homesick. How far away from my home I am is not really a huge deciding factor. If I was applying to schools outside of Ontario then I would probably take it into account more, but since wherever I go is fairly close to home it is not a big deal.

Tuition: When everybody is looking at schools the tuition is definitely a factor to take into consideration. As I look at certain schools I need to realize that money does not grow on trees and especially with the cost of living in todays world, I really need to choose a university that has both the program that I want to go in to, and a cost that is reasonable. Although in order to get a good education sometimes the price may be a bit higher so I need to be weary of that as I move forward in my studies.

Parents Preference: My parents have a very open mindset to where they want me to go to school. They do not push me to go anywhere I do not want to go and they let me make my own decisions. I really like how they will let me go to whatever school that I want and study what I want, but this means that whenever they give me advice I really take it into consideration. My parents like helping my find my interests and so when I talk to them about different programs they always look into them and try to find out if there are other similar programs out there.

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Parents Preference

My parents opinion on the school that I go to is very important to me. Both of my parents agree that Western is the best school suited for me, which is great because I really like the campus and I know many people who go there. All of which say it is a great school. My parents and I both agree that the University of Toronto is not really suited for me. They rated that one a 10. I am not going to disagree with their rating because people that go there say it is a lot of work, whereas Western still has a good amount of work but it does not fully take control of your life. Queens was a close second for my parents and myself. It is a really good school and has a great reputation for a good education and social life. My parents rated McMaster and Guelph both 5. They are good schools but my parents feel like Western and Queens is a better fit for me. McMaster is mostly known for health sciences and I want to go into psychology. Guelph has good food so to be practical I would not go there for the academics but definitely for the food.

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Overall Western is my top university because all of my criteria is best suited to it. It is in an affordable price range, and the acceptance marks match the overall marks that I am trying to achieve this year. The other schools that I am applying to all have certain pros and cons but Western is the school for me. They have programs that house all my interests. My parents want me to go there as well, so as of now that is my top school to go to.