David Burd

Lil dicky

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Little bit about him

David is a comedian and a rapper. He is also Jewish. He grew up in a upper middle class family. He went to Cheltenham High School. He attended college at the University of Richmond, then moved to California.
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What is David Burd famous for??

Lil Dicky's music video "ex-boyfriend" had more than 1 million views in less than 24 hours. He wanted to be a writer, but became a rapper to prove a point and he won't stop till he proves his point.
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Lil Dicky's best song's??

Lil Dicky has a lot of songs. Personally i like all of his songs. He is going to go big in the rap industry.

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People call him Lil D, LD, Lil Dicky. I dont know why people call him that but its catchy .
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Age?? Born??

He is 27. He was born in march of 1988.