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What is Australia?

Australia is a country, island, and continent located in the southeast part of the world map. A total of about 33,656,000 people live there. It's the world's smallest continent, along with having only one country. It's about 9,000,000 square km, making it the 2nd largest island in the world. Although Sydney is the most populated city in Australia (about 4,840,600 people), the capital is Canberra (about 400,000 people). Australia is bordered by 8 bodies of water: Arafura Sea, Bass Strait, Coral Sea, Gulf of Carpentria, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Tasman Sea, and Timor Sea. Australia has 6 states: Northern Territory, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania. Below is a picture representing a political map of the states in Australia.
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What do Australians eat?

Australian food is similar and different from American food. A popular food is fish and chips. Fish and chips are fish sticks in the shape of chicken fingers and thick french fries, sometimes served with sliced lemons on the side, and a leafy green. Another type of food is Sunday roast, but this is only for Australians who had British ancestors. There are Australians with hunter-gatherer ancestors, who lived on walking around Australia, and finding anything that was edible, such as fruits, meats, and fishes. These type of Australians base their diet mostly on fishes, meats, and fruits, just like their ancestors. Typical day Australians eat normal Australian foods, because when the first settlers, who were British, arrived in the island, they mainly ate olden day British food, which is now Australian food. Below is a picture of fish and chips, with a slice of lemon and a leafy green. It looks very appetizing and mouth watering.
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What are Australia's religions?

Many Australians believe in different religions. They have similar religions to the United States. The majority is Roman Catholic, Other Christian, and Anglican. They also believe in

Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and other unidentified religions. Their churches, temples, and other places of worship are much more massive than ours. From the outside of a church, you'd guess it's a castle. More people attend church,temples, and other places of worship in Australia than American people attend their church, temples, and other places of worship. Below is a picture of a typical Australian church.

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What sports do Australians like?

Most Australians are huge sport fans. They keep track of recent sport games. Many like Football, which is called soccer in America, Cricket, Women's Basketball Leagues, Horse Racing, Swimming, Badminton, and Rugby. Below is a picture taken of Australia's victory after winning the 2007 Cricket World Cup. They are currently on fire, only having one loss against New Zealand. Their next game is June 5, 2015.
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What type of holidays do Australians celebrate?

Just like every country in the whole world, Australia celebrates holidays and events. Some of their holidays and events are different from ours, and some of their holidays and events are similar. Since there are 6 states in Australia, each of the states celebrate different holidays. Most of states celebrate the same holidays as other states.Many Australian holidays are religious. w Years Eve, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Anzac Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. They also celebrate with festivals when special events occur. For example, they might have a parade for the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II. Below is a picture of Queen Elizabeth II in a horse carriage. She is the woman sitting on the left.
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