Mrs. Rumbolt's Grade One

February Newsletter

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Upcoming Important Dates:

-Friday, Feb. 5: 11:30am dismissal day

- Tuesday, Feb. 9: 100 day! Wear your 100 day cape!

- Thursday Feb. 11: Fun Lunch form/money due

- Friday, Feb. 12: 11:30am dismissal and Valentine's day exchange

- Monday, Feb. 15: Family day. NO SCHOOL

- Friday, Feb. 19: 11:30am dismissal and Jersey day

- Wednesday, Feb. 24: Wear pink to show your support for anti-bullying

- Thursday, Feb. 25: Fun lunch (CANTEEN IS CLOSED)

- Friday, Feb. 26: 11:30am dismissal day

- Wednesday, March 2: Report cards go home

- March 3rd &4th: Teacher's Convention. NO SCHOOL.

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Important Information:

-100 day: Reminder to decorate your cape and bring it in for our party on Feb. 9th. Fingers crossed 0 the Hero will be there!

-Valentine exchange: A list of students will be coming home soon for writing Valentines. Also, we will be decorating Valentine boxes for the exchange. Please save one kleenex box and send it in by Feb. 11th for your child to decorate! We will not be having a Valentine's Day party, as in grade one we celebrate 100 day instead!

Table Talk

This is where I share a few things that we have been learning in class, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

1) Sight words- Thank you so much for your at home practice of these words! REPETITION AT SCHOOL AND HOME IS KEY AS THESE WORDS ARE OFTEN TRICKY AND NOT MEANINGFUL! Please make up index cards at home and practice, practice, practice!

2) Math- For the next little while, our focus will be describing and comparing lengths, heights, and capacities. We use vocabulary such as longest, shortest, tallest, holds the most, and holds the least. We also continue to work on adding and subtracting.

3) Science- We are continuing to discuss seasonal changes. We will begin our "Building Things" unit soon!

4) Letters/Sounds- Continue to review weekly letters/sounds listed in the "Practice Page". Ask your child the action and character. Please note, we are getting into some more difficult sounds now. Please review the letter combinations that go with the sound at home.

5) Writing- Ask your child what 5 things they must check in their sentence before moving on to their drawing.

-Capital at beginning

- Punctuation at the end

- Spaces

- Does it make sense?

- Sizing of letters

Ask your child what an adjective is? Have them come up with one adjective for their favorite stuffie!

Ask your child what a noun is?

6) Words their Way- W.T.W. sorts come home every Friday. Have your child review their sort with you. Each child is working on their own specific sort that is at a good fit level for their learning needs (hence why it's called words their way).

7) Reading- We are continuing to practice solving unknown words while reading with a partner, as well as reading in small groups with me. Please encourage your child to be independent in solving unknown words, you only helping as a final strategy. Please refer to "Ways to take Action" bookmark while reading with your child, for a variety of strategies we use in the classroom.

Be a reading role model! Let your child see you enjoying a really good book!