4 Year Olds Being Beauty Queens?

Emily Jerovetz


A beauty pagent is a competition that focuses on beauty. The first pagent was in 1854. Some feel that girls are too young to be in pageants and that the pageants are costly. However, beauty paegents have provide many opportunities for competitors.

Competiters will learn discipline.

Competitors will work hard to win first place by practicing over and over again. For example if they were in dance they would have to remember all their steps and not mess up. They will also have to listen to their coach and not goof around.

Beauty paegents could earn competitors money.

Competitors in a beauty pageant can earn college scholarships. Also they can win tiaras that are worth a lot of money. Most of the prizes are money so they will win money rather than toys. Even though they can earn money, some feel that girls are too young to be in paegents and are that they are too costly.

They will be proud of their accomplishments.

Competitors can build confidence and character by speaking and performing in front of people. Competitors will improve in their speaking skills because they will be talking or singing in front of a big audience. They will be so proud that they will want to do it again so they will have a higher chance of winning money.