People in the Northeast

By: Bella

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen was born in New Jersey. He is a singer and songwriter and often called “ the boss’’. Over the years he has won 20 grammy awards. His album “ Born in the U.S.A’’ sold 15 million copies.

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Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher was born in Connecticut, 1811. She wrote a book that started the civil war. The book was called Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The book told about how terrible slavery was and how people were apart from their families.

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a printer, writer, librarian, inventor and a politician because of all of that he is very famous to the Northeast.

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Cultural Background

The culture in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont are 90 percent Caucasian. In New York African Americans and Hispanics make up 17 percent of the population. Did you know in Maryland 29 percent are African Americans? All of the state's share culture with other regions by prardge.