How it effects the world......




Ecological Footprinting...

This is the measuring of our use of Earth's resources as in water and land.


The factors were your food and diet, the use of home energy, your driving and flying time, and recycling and the disposal of waste. Out of these the major effecting ones were driving and flying, home energy, and food and diet.

Overall average and the change in a new environment

The national average was much higher then what I received and the world average was much lower then what I had received. I think this is due to the amount of people that are not caring in the United States and I think the lower average is due to all the countries that do not have to updated economy like the United States. With these countries not having what we do, it causes less CO2 to be put into the atmosphere. If you lived in a different type of building or drove a car that got more miles to the gallon, then I believe that the amount of "waste" that you're putting back into the atmosphere and environment will vary due to well the way you are living your life.

Reducing greenhouse emissions; pro's, con's, short and long term effect...

Ways to reduce your emission of greenhouse gases is by eating healthier, recycling, and turning off or unplugging anything you aren't using. The pro's for these are that you'd become healthier, you'd have the waste out of ecosystems and habitats, and you'd help save energy. The con's for these are that it's very costly, that it can be harmful depending on were you lived, and you'd have to restart whatever you may have unplugged. A short term effect could be that in the beginning you could forget to do these things, but with time you'd eventually get used to them. A long term effect could be that it could cost you a ton of money and you could be endangering animals habitats and ecosystems.

What fact about climate change surprised you the most?

The fact that the animals that migrate north invade other habitats and can lead some species to extinction. This is done because there is a consent battle for food and other important resources. This surprises me the most because the animals that are living in the northern areas haven't done anything and most of the species will not come back.