All things Google

Google Calendar

Benefits of Google Calendar:

  • With Google Calendar, you can have multiple calendars In Google Calendar, you can search your calendars by keyword - unique and helpful feature!

  • Ability to access calendar from any device

  • Can share Calendar with others

  • Can embed the calendar to your school/classroom website

Can have mutiple calendars and can be color coded by calendar and/or by event type.

Can you link this to a class webpage?

You can link your calendar to any webpage you want.

Click on "Calendar Settings" and copy, cut, and paste the embed code onto the website.

When creating an event, type all information in the "What:" box and google calendar will place the infomation where it needs to go. It's intuitive.

Can add a reminder to an event even if you have reminders turned off

Google Forms


Getting to know students (interest inventories/learning styles)

Gather data

Learning contract

feedback (parents, other teachers, students)


Registration forms


short text responses

longer text

mutl choice

drop down menu

scale from 1-whatever

embed link/share QR code for students to complete

Can create a survey that changes choices based on the responses received. (!!wow!!)

Use Page Breaks between each question and then use the "Go to Page Based on Answer" next to the

question type.


Don't forget to add name question--be sure to make it "required"

Add a student number or make last name required, so you can later sort responses by last name (easier

to enter into gradebook)

Checkboxes form question you can choose more than one option vs multi choice you can only choose one


Multiple Choice has an "other" option. Drop down would not have that option.

Use wrap text feature to see entire question.

Searching with Google

Get comfortable with Google Search Safe Search

Type Safe Search in search bar when signed in to access

Can block explicit material

Advanced search features of Google:

***Remember to clear out your search filters before a new search!

Safesearch - filters explicit content from results (in Google search). Use in classrooms.

Dictionary search - In google search bar: "Define" (word) will bring up definition and also you can translate word. Mentions in time.

Type define prior to typing the word

Google search: type in word. Click on search tools. Choose All results then can choose reading level. Can also look for time that the article was posted. Clear button to go back to normal if you use advanced features that you want to turn off.

* Can select timeline and reading level

* Be sure to clear search to go back to normal search.

Recipe search - Type in something you want to cook/make a recipe such as banana bread. Can type into google search bar and then use Search Tools to choose ingredients, etc. (Note: needs to be a popular recipe item. Example: berry pie isn't specific enough, try blueberry pie instead.)

Weather (zip or city name) - see current temp, etc. Type in 'weather' before country

Can switch between F and C

Calculator - just type in 'calculator' to search and get a live online calculator

Conversion - example inches to cm, can convert currency as well.

Time - to find time in another country/area - will show multiple time zones if applicable and adjusts for daylight savings time.

* Ex. "Time Berlin"

type in stock name and it will bring up

google finance make own portfolio - great for classroom

more google search tips webinars on website (look into these)

Calculator - will bring up basic scientific calculator within web window

Type calculator in search bar

*Remember to clear search each time - reload Google search page or click on "clear" via advanced search

Virtual Field Trips

use virtual field trip (ex. Scot's Hut in Antarctica)

google world wonders - great for novel settings

Goodies from chat:

TW: Ten Best Virtual Field Trips?

Clair: TW, no CIESE. Link: Totally AWESOME science projects. i use several a year.

TW: There are so many suggestions for Virtual Field Trips!