Reduce Nervousness Before a Test

How to Battle Nervousness Before a Driving Theory Test


One of the biggest causes for failing a driving theory test is high amount of nerves in the candidates. No matter how much preparation one does, a candidate is bound to feel some nervousness before the test. Even people who are usually calm and composed, exhibit signs of nervousness and low confidence as the day of the driving theory test comes close.

The online driving theory test consists of a multiple choice test and a hazard perception test. If you pass even one of these phases, you will have to give both the test stages again. After both the phases of the test have been cleared, only then can you become eligible for the practical driving test.

Take a look at some of the reasons candidate become nervous and how to reduce these factors.

1) The expectations of family and friends

2) The fear of failing the test

3) Low confidence and self-doubt about your driving theory skills

4) No preparation

5) Failures in past tests.

Tips to Reduce Nervousness and Restore Confidence

· The first thing you should do is to practice as much as you can for the test. A lack of sufficient preparation is the top cause for driving theory test failures. A candidate must ensure that he is completely prepared for the test before he sits in it. Taking a driving theory online learning course can help a candidate prepare for his tests. Taking mock tests are also advisable.

· Do not pay heed to failure stories; in fact do not listen to them at all. Listening to people who have experienced failure can make you even more nervous.

· Be positive; always believe that you can pass your test easily. This will help calm your nerves before the exam.

· If you make a mistake during your test, do not panic. Keep a clear head or you will make other blunders in the test as well and also lose precious time.

· Never take medicines before the test to curb your nervousness; some medicine can make you sleepy and wooly headed and you will be unable to focus clearly on the task at hand. The same goes for coffee, energy drink or too many sodas. The caffeine in these drinks can give you an energy surge and hype you up; this will impair your thinking. Absolutely do not drink alcohol for obvious reasons.

· Do not spread the word that you are taking a written driving test; the expectations of your friends and relatives will magnify the pressure.

· Taking the first test in the morning means you will have less time to brood and feel nervous.

Just remember that even though a driving test is important, if you fail the first time, you have unlimited opportunities to try for it again.