Miss Maudie The Nut-grass Killer

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Maudie's opinions

She thinks of the children as her own. She enjoys scouts company like if she was her daughter and is kind towards Jem and Dill that she allows the children to play on her yard. Believes the father Atticus is an honest man. She has even said that "Atticus is the same man at home as he is on the street." Her position towards Stephanie Crawford is that she doesn't care for her nonsense because she stirs up conflict. Her viewpoint of the Radleys is not reassuring. She thinks Boo is misunderstood from everyone else. And that Mr. and Mrs. Radley are unclear what exactly happened.

Why has Harper Lee included Miss Maudie as a main character?


To add something more to this story. Having someone like miss Maudie makes things more interesting to the story. Because she says what she wants to.


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