5th Grade News!

For the Week of November 3-7

The weather is cooling off and it finally feels like fall. We are enjoying working with your children - read below for all we have going on next week!

Learning Objectives


**The poetry assessment originally scheduled for October 30 has been moved to November 4.

  • Celebrating the conclusion of our poetry unit by sharing a compilation of favorite poems.

Language Arts

  • Editing and revising poems we have written
  • Compiling a group of poems for publication (this will be for a grade)


  • Solving problems involving perimeter, area, and volume.


  • Understanding the Rock Cycle and Fossils

Social Studies

  • Understanding important events during the Revolutionary War

**Revolutionary War Assessment on Friday, November 7.

STUDY GUIDE can be found at http://tutorial.historyalive.com/ Use practice lessons 10, 11, and 12.


Math - 11-4; 595,596, 10-2;513 3-12 169,170

Also, practice your math facts daily.

Reading - One menu item due Friday, November 7.

Science - Energy Uses Project

Information and News

Field Trip

Our Fishing Field Trip will be November 6. More information will be sent home as the date approaches.

Early Dismissal:

Friday, November 7 is early dismissal. Students will be dismissed at 12:30.


If you purchased Packpons, here are the dates for the remainder of the PackPon days. Your teachers have a list of all the students who bought them at the beginning of the year. You may still purchase packpons - bring $5 to school! :)

Extra recess – 11/7
Crazy Hair Day – 11/13
Board Games – 11/21
Hat Day – 12/5
Sunglasses – 12/16

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