The Weekly Grind in Cafe 226

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Sunday, May 22nd 2016

Important Reminders and Updates!

1. Monday, May 23rd is Molly's Mile.

2. Wednesday, May 25th is a Late Start!

3. Thursday, May 26th is our trip to the Mudhens game and Spaghetti Warehouse! :)

Math - Unit 8: Measurement and Geometry

Topics we plan to cover this week include:

-Volume of composite shapes

-Attributes of Quadrilaterals

-Attributes of Triangles

**Please remember that topics are subject to change depending on the pace at which we master each new concept.

Reading - "Bud, Not Buddy"

We have started reading "Bud, Not Buddy" as our class read aloud since historical fiction has become such a popular genre with our class. Soon we will also start reading "My Brother's Secret" which is another WWII historical fiction novel.

**Students should still be writing weekly reading letters about "Bud, Not Buddy" or another book that they are reading independently.

Writing - Literary Essay

Students have selected their own books to write about for our Literary Essay unit rather than writing about short stories. They are excited to have the freedom to choose a book that they feel strongly about!

This week we will:

-Work on introductions

-Gather evidence from our books

-Use quotations properly