Endangered Species

Marisol B.


Endangered Species is why are population is increasing.

The Problem

When we as humans destroy animal habitats we are making our whole environment change. This is true because everything affects everything. If you remove one piece, one species, that small change can lead to a big problem that is hard to fix. The problem is that with 16,306 endangered species, our food chain has to change. For example the grey wolf for the first half of the 20th century; the grey wolf kept other animals population from growing rapidly. This helped us because they kept other animals from growing so that we didn't have to worry about are grass. Another example of this would be lions in Africa. Since people are killing the lions for clothing the lion population is decreasing. This is bad because Africa's population is increasing tremendously because the lions would help keep Africa's population down by eating the people. At the rate things are going the human population will keep increasing and we won't have enough resources to help everyone.

Address The Problem

We can fix this problem if we stop poaching animals for clothes. This will also help our population from growing so fast.