Deep Sea Biologist

Austin Glaze


Specific Tasks and Duties (What does this person do?) Deep sea diving and lab researching types of sea creatures and attempts to explore the rest of the unexplored deep ocean.

Salary Range 25,000-60,000 a year

Education Required The level of education depends on how involved in the investigation you would like to be.

Skills required Need Knowledge on Biology, Chemistry, Computer science, Geology, Ecology, Marine Biology, Micro/ Molecular Biology, Physics, Statistics

Additional Training Required (Beyond Education) Multiple basic science classes are a help to anyone considering the field of research. As well as a PhD that is requested to lead an expedition. Basics in math would also be a good investment. One or two engineering classes.

Average number of work hours/weeks 7 days a week from 12-16 hours a day

Amount of physical Activity Required The amount of physical activity would be hindered by the lab analysis and work

Working conditions(Where? Inside or outside? Office?) The majority is spent analyzing data in an lab, however, occasionally research is spent underwater.

Interests or Personality Qualities that would be good for this career Strong Research Skills, Data Collection, The ability to experiment, and Knowledge on oceanographic tools

Specific Education Programs, Universities, Associates Degree Degrees determine role in investigation with PhD being a leader

Programs, etc… That specialize in this career NOAA is a program cooperating with the help of deep sea Biologist.

Current Employment Trends for this career The Field of Deep Sea Biologist has a surplus of employees and a shortage of employers.

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