diego armando maradona

Maradona was one of the best soccer player in the world, in his times. He played in many teams and win trophies.

Maradona played futbol soccer, he was a really good player. He was born in Lanus Buenos Aires Argentina, october 30 0f 1960. He is exsoccer player and DT of Argentina. He was considered the best player, with the nickname gods hand, that is because he meet a goal with his hand and the referee didn't see it. He was also clarify not only by player by the prince and exsoccer player.

Then we has called the best player of the world cup. Also FIFA put him in his soccer game. He achieve the legend card, is a card that said that he was a good player but he got out of the soccer. FIFA selected him by the botes of peoples do, it was 95 %.

Maradona achieve very important prizes with the selection of Argentina. With the selection he was champion of the juvenil world cup in 1979 . Was champions in 1986 and sub champion in 1990. Also important achievements with the Napoli an Italian team. He win the UEFA cup. He also have the record of achieving cups consecutive time.

28 of March in 2009, it was his last game, a deputy game in the world cup of south Africa. 3 of July in 2010 was DT of Argentina. He want to go to Al Wals de Dubai between May 2011 and July OF 2012, but he didn't get good credits. When he got out of the soccer he got in the vice of drugs. He start consuming drugs and they didn't do well for his body, he felt ill and some time get met in problem with others people. But he didn't give up with his dreams. He made a soccer canal that talks of Napoli and Argentina, his favorites teams That was between July 2005 and August 2006.

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Maradona gol mano de Dios -hand of god- victor hugo (inedito)
Maradona gol mano de Dios -hand of god- victor hugo (inedito)