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New Topaz Labs Clarity

Enhance Your Photos with a Click!

I've received my version of Clarity some days ago but the fact that Pixiq closed down on us change my life the last days and made it hard to find time to play with the new toy from Topaz Labs.

Clarity does what the name implies: gives an extra boost to your pictures, as the example herewith shows. But this new program from Topaz Labs is more than a Clarity enhancement tool. It offers new options in terms of the HSL module, or Hue Saturation and Luminance, allowing for strong adjustments with much less artifacts and noise.

Not very different from HSL in Lightroom, the module allows you to selectively enhance specific colors in your image. It works by breaking your image into 8 different colors, giving maximum control over the colors in your image.

The interface, in fact, is very similar, so you'll never have to look for functions here, what is important as this program works with Adobe Lightroom. In fact, Clarity feels like an extension of LR, even in the way it works with Masks. Clarity offers three different types of brushes; normal, edge aware, and the new color aware. You now have the ability to feather the mask and control the color range. You also have the option of choosing a gradient mask that includes linear, radial, and reflected types of gradients. In addition, there is a separate mask for the Clarity module and the HSL module, which allows for much greater control of adjustment areas in your image.

It's really amazing the things you can do once you start to try the multiple options and adjusting each button available. Although the typical look of previous Topaz Labs programs is present, there are changes that make the interface more intuitive, with larger buttons and a restyling of some modules.

We've seen Topaz Labs presets being organized in new ways in recent programs, but for Clarity presets have been categorized by types of photography, so photographers can easily identify the type of preset more useful for a specific image. It makes for a faster workflow... if you do not spend a lot of time playing with each preset!

Topaz Labs Clarity is available from today for a retail price of $49.99. But if you buy it until the 31st of May you can have it for only $29.99, using the promo code claritynew. Now go and buy your own Topaz Labs Clarity.