Coral Reefs

By: Diana G , Desiree R , Johnathan M , Ethan L , Carlos S

What are the threats to the environment or organism your group has chosen, human impacts

-some threats to coral reefs are the anchors on boats, hurricanes, global warming, and coral diseases.

-some human impacts are, sedimentation, dredging, eutrophication, and sewage pollution

Conservation Methods

-Don't use chemically enhanced pesticides and fertilizers.

-Volunteer for a reef clean up

-Spread the word

-Don't pollute


Corals provides a protected environment and an abundance of nutrients so conserving them is something we should do. it not only helps us in many ways but it helps all those marine organisms.


-Protect the shores from erosion, provides a calm lagoon area, creates beach sand from corallites, and provide a home for many of the commercial fish species like: lobster, snapper, grouper, And jack
What Are Coral Reefs And What's Their Purpose?
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