Miss Herrera's Newsletter

Stay Up to Date with Our Second Grade Success!

Up Coming Events

Holiday Celebration- Thursday, December 17th

Early Dismissal-Friday, December 18th

On Friday they can wear their pajamas or comfy clothes!

Coat Drive Monday, December 14 - January 15

Student council will be collecting gently used coats, hats, and gloves beginning Monday, December 14 through January 15. The items will be donated to those in need during the cold months.

Subtacting Two Digit Numbers

We started our subtracting two digit numbers with regrouping unit. We will be finishing up the unit when we get back from break.

Story of the Week

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Story Concepts

  • Theme and Plot
  • Predicting


High Frequency Words

  • daughters
  • youngest
  • their
  • buy
  • many
  • alone
  • half

Amazing Words

  • abundant
  • assist
  • generous
  • dismay
  • efficient
  • beam
  • forever
  • situation

Phonics List- i, ie, igh, y

This week we won't have a spelling test this week but we will be working on list of words in class. If you would like to work with your student at home with these words you may.

  1. fight
  2. sky
  3. firefly
  4. tie
  5. pie
  6. might
  7. shine
  8. spider
  9. stripe
  10. high

Social Studies and Science

They all did fantastic on their Patriotic Symbols test! We will start our next unit in January!


There will be math homework Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to share the joy of reading with your child by reading with them!

Holiday Card Exchange

We are enjoying the holiday season as you share and receive greeting cards from all over the world. We have been learning mapping and geography skills! Below are some photos from us opening some of the letters we received.
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Big image

Gift of Giving Video- The students really enjoyed!

Kid President's Holiday Gift Guide

Have a great week!