Uh oh! You are At Risk!

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Don’t let an opportunity like ours slip away!

You are At Risk of going inactive with Thirty-One on the last day of this month.

All you need to remain active is $200 in Personal Volume every 3 months (not counting tax/shipping). That's only about 4-5 orders! This is the perfect month to do a catalog party with the Customer Special that’s going on right now (if you need to print some flyers out, you can do that on TOT at http://www.ThirtyOneToday.com).

When you’re active with Thirty-One, you get to attend the meetings, get awesome training, and fellowship with other 31 sisters. You also get the chance to earn products for a great discount or FREE! It’s incredible how just one party on your calendar can easily get momentum building in your business - and from there, the sky’s the limit! If you need help getting those parties booked, give me a text/call or drop me an e-mail. There is always some great ideas on our team Facebook page as well at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sarassoulsisters/.

As a reminder, once you go inactive, you will not have the ability to enter ANY orders (including business orders). In order for you to re-activate yourself, you will need to call

the Home Office and let them know you have a $200 party to enter.

If you have anyone on your team, your Dreambuilder will move up to your sponsor. If you go inactive you will lose your entire team and we will not be able to reinstate them if you become active later.

If you have any questions, please let me know! We don't want to see you go!


Sara :)

Remember... you are in this business FOR yourself, but never BY yourself!

Your Director - Sara Harrod

I am here to help support you on your journey, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you've got any questions! You can reach me via call/text, email, or Facebook!