By:Alex R

1. Homework

Alex is responsible for satisfactorily completing home work with little help or direction.

2. School

Alex is responsible for good behavior at school. She must get good grades (B or above).

3. Pets

Alex is responsible for caring for her cats, including feeding, grooming and litter box. (Litter box every other day)

4. Maturity

Alex needs to show improvement of crying/whining behavior. She must accept when told "no"; (i.e. move on, no crying/whining/arguing).

5. Listening

Responsible for listening to Mom and Dad and complying without argument. This is a test of how well you can be trusted.

Contract Terms

Successful completion of this contract will earn you the right to stay home alone for short periods of time. The goals above will improve your maturity and responsibleness as well as help you prepare the skills you will need to care for yourself without supervision. Your progress will be assessed weekly and you will know if you are completing these goals.

Keep up the good work...I know you can do it! - love Mom